Mo’ Blues Monday

Monday: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Blues and more with Larry Lisk. A full service blues show featuring classic blues to the most recent releases. Mo Blues Monday keeps you current with local and national blues news and information, a full local blues calendar, your requests and of course, the Blues Goody Bag, always filled with CD’s or blues related items to share.
Join Nancy Johnson and me every Monday as we explore the roots and branches and sample the fruits from this uniquely American music………………….the blues.

Hosted by
Larry Lisk

Larry has a long history in the Tampa Bay music scene. As co-founder and former President (1997-2005) of the Suncoast Blues Society, the group was awarded the prestigious Keeping The Blues Alive Award as the Blues Organization of the Year in 2004 from the Blues Foundation in Memphis. Larry personally received the Keeping Blues Alive award for Public Radio in 2014, and also the Excellence in Blues Radio award from Tampa Bay Blues Foundation 2014. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award from WMNF in 2011 and the Lou Gehrig award for 14 years and 712 consecutive shows.

From Larry Lisk: My love affair with WMNF began upon my arrival to the Tampa area in 1980.
While spinning the old analog dial on my car radio I stumbled on Ann the Reggae lady and I was hooked. It took me several months to figure out just where I had landed on that dial as the frequency was a guess at best. All I know was that whenever I was on that extreme left hand side of the dial there was great music coming out of my radio. As soon as I figured out what WMNF was all about, I started donating during marathons and attending WMNF music events. Rob Lorei's "Bop City Blues" was a favorite show and it rekindled my love of the blues. In 1991, I decided that donating at
marathons was not enough and I began to volunteer at the station. I answered phones at marathons, manned the door at many station events and generally did what I could, when I could, for this great little radio station. During that time I guest hosted a few shows, was checked out on the board and became a substitute programmer. In 1998, a vacancy was created on the afternoon programming schedule and I was asked to "audition" for the job. Harrison Nash and I alternated Tuesday afternoons until January 1999 when I was offered a time slot for the Afternoon Rhythm and Blues Cruise (Harrison became the Wednesday afternoon programmer). The Blues Lover show officially became part of the WMNF schedule and remained a mainstay on the afternoon schedule for 12 years. In 2011 the show was moved to its current spot on the Monday night schedule. I am honored to be able to play the blues for you on the radio and thank you for your continuous support.

Hosted by
Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson has been a long time supporter of WMNF, and served on the Board of Directors off and on for nearly twenty years. She is passionate about Community radio, and its importance to the Tampa Bay Community, and the station’s mission to provide diversity in music. news, and public affairs.
In late 2021, Larry’s long-time assistant. Rich Gonzalez, took a sabbatical, and Nancy was asked to help out, and has remained onboard, loving the opportunity to share the blues on Monday nights.
Nancy grew up around music…her father, Grover Cleveland Cox, came from a family of musicians in rural North Florida. He was a guitar player and singer, and his love of standards, jazz and blues was everpresent, and greatly influenced Nancy while growing up in the DC area. Through the years she sang with lots of bands …the last being 14 years spent with the Women’s Blues Revue here in Tampa Bay.
She is honored to work alongside Larry with his vast knowledge of blues artists and their histories. She enjoys the chance to share some gems each week…some on the edge of the blues trail, hitting on old standards, or anything that speaks of good, soulful sounds.

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