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“Sometimes crisis triggers the genius within.”

More than 40 years ago the first AIDS case was reported to the Center for Disease Control. And since that time, more than half a million people in the United States (U.S.) have died from this epidemic.  By the end of 2021, an estimated 1.2 million people in the U.S. were reported as having AIDS, and in 2022 nearly 39 million people were reported to have the HIV virus.

Since 1988, December 1st has been designated as WORLD AIDS DAY.  On this day there is increased awareness about this ongoing crisis.  This day also serves as an opportunity to stand in solidarity with people around the world that are affected by HIV.

Despite all of the progress that have been made in prevention and treatment, one of the main lessons that the AIDS and HIV has taught us is that how one deals with crises matters having political involvement oftentimes can help to fund, support prevention, and provide people with access to proper health care.

On Morning Energy we are going to spend time exploring the lessons that we have learned from the AIDS crisis as well as lessons that we can learn when dealing with various other crises  in our lives.

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I found out about WMNF through an outreach table that was set up at Sweet Water Organic Farm during my first visit there in 2012.

I had never really heard much about community radio stations at that time and became extremely intrigued as to why a radio station would have an interest in attending and/or hosting events in the community.

As I began to learn more from the Volunteer Coordinator at that time, I decided that the station would be a great fit for me in light of my background in communications and my ongoing interest in helping others.

One of my first volunteer assignments at WMNF was community outreach. I thought what better way to reach out to the community than in the same manner that I felt WMNF had reached out to me. After about a year of doing out reach service, I decided to try my hands at voicing promos/drops since I still had a passion for the arts. I also began helping out during the marathons.

Consequently, while volunteering during one of the marathons, I was asked by a former host to consider being one of their co-host because he liked my personality and the sound of my voice. I had never done formal radio work before, although I DID have a communication degree, however, my interest while attending college at that time was more towards television than radio. Nonetheless, I agreed. In addition to being a co-host on that show (The Damn Jams )(Hip-Hop) , other shows that I have co-hosted on while volunteering at WMNF are: Thee Righteous Temple of Hip Hop (Christian Hip Hop), The Early Bird Wake Up Show (Country), Blues With A Groove (Blues ), Mellow Music Encounters ( R& B and Blues) and Kingston 12 (Reggae). However, In February 2014,

I was thankfully given the opportunity to host and produce my own show.... MORNING ENERGY..... and it has truly been an AMAZING experience and journey for which I will always be thankful for!!!

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