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  • Sunday

    8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Poetry Is… is on Sunday evenings 8-9pm.

D-Rod, Lyrical Tempest, Angela, and PoetSheIs host this interactive show including work by cutting edge and historic poets and spoken word artists – plus information about local, national and international artists and happenings in the spoken word/poetry community.

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Hosted By...

Dennis Rodney (D-Rod the Poet)  [email protected]

A native of New York, Dennis Rodney Jr grew up in the Golden Age of Hip Hop. Writing and Rhyming with friends was fun, but Dennis felt like there were enough rappers and wanted to do something different. He found it when his older brother Jason, took him to an Open Mic at a small venue named Brooklyn Moon. This was his first exposure to Spoken Word. He was enamored with the freedom the art form allowed. That night he shared “Ethnic Genocide” his last rap, and first poem. Dennis moved to Tampa in 1999. In 2001 after performing at a poetry event at Hillsborough Community College, he was invited by two poets, Wally B and JB to a newly opening Open Mic in Tampa, Black On Black Rhyme. There he competed and won his category in the inaugural “Bay Area Poetry Competition”, and is one of two people to ever win the event in multiple categories. Attending Black On Black Rhyme Tampa weekly he was given the stage name “D.-R.o.d.”, he made it an acronym for “Determination Riding On Destiny”. A name and mantra. D-Rod worked to promote and support the show and was made a Troupe Member in 2004. D-Rod has gone on to represent Tampa Bay in many regional Poetry Slams and has won Slams and performed on iconic stages like the Nuyorican Poetry Cafe and Bowery in New York and has graced the stage of Atlanta's legendary Apache Cafe along side the likes of The Last Poets. In 2010 he co-founded “Island Vibez Poetry” and has gone on to host other events like “The EVENT“ and “The Vibe”. D-Rod continues to work in the Poetry Community and currently volunteers as a Radio Host/Programmer conducting interviews for “Poetry Is...” on 88.5 FM WMNF and can be found catering at various Spoken Word Events. He is also working on restarting his Art/Education based non-profit, the Neu Heights Foundation. https://www.facebook.com/DRodThePoet

Alice Saunders (Lyrical Tempest)  [email protected]

Alice Saunders currently lives in Tampa, Florida. She is the author of three poetry books: Affirmation of Addiction, The Forgotten Lyrics, and Before the Epiphany. Her poems have appeared in the OW Newsletter, BLACKBERRY: a magazine, The Corner Club Press, and Literary Juice. Alice is founder and owner of TL Publishing Group LLC, creator of the Torrid Literature Journal and Ink of Genesis open mic. She is a host/programmer for the radio show Poetry Is... on WMNF 88.5 FM and www.wmnf.org. Saunders has also been nominated for Creative Loafing's Best Local Poet (2015). http://www.lyricaltempest.com.

Angela Lawrence  [email protected]

Angela Lawrence was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Since she was a child, she was interested in writing poetry and it became a passion as she grew older. She believes it’s a creative outlet that allows you to heal and share your truth. In 2012, Angela attended her first Open Mic & Slam Competition and fell in love with the artistry and performance expressions. To combine her love for poetry and mentoring, she joined the Heard Em Say Youth Arts Collective where she found the importance of giving back and encouraging youth. Angela quickly moved up in the organization as a Mentor, Slam Coach, and Communicators Director. She has been nominated by Creative Loafing and Tampa Bay Gospel Awards as Best-Spoken Word Artist and has featured as numerous corporate and public events. Angela is excited to be a part of the Poetry Is team and is committed to celebrating local and national spoken words artists. Her niche is interviewing performers and given them a voice to share their story and expand their vision.

Michelle Mortion (PoetSheIs)  [email protected]

Michelle Morton (PoetSheIs) was born in Tampa, Florida. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication with a minor in Journalism and Disciplinary Studies. Michelle has experience working in the political news arena of broadcast television in Washington DC. In addition, she received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She moved back to Tampa four years ago with the mission to use the tools she learned to restore and build her community. Michelle is an Advocate, Clinical Therapist, Coach, Writer, Spoken Word Artist and Speaker. Her passion is to serve the young girls and women of her community. In 2018, Michelle founded As She Speaks Coaching. As She Speaks Coaching is dedicated to helping women fulfill their calling. Her purpose and mission is to help women find their voice, heal and walk in the fullness of their calling. She has successfully had ongoing events such as As She Speaks Open Mic, and Mental Health and Writing workshops to help women in her community. As She Speaks Open Mic has also been featured in Creative Loafing. https://www.facebook.com/PoetSheIs/