Surface Noise

Event Hours(1)

  • Saturday

    4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

    new-wave, power pop, mod, punk, garage, neo & real-60s, glam

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new-surface-noise-sticker-2-300x190.jpg Surface Noise is a showcase of new-wave, power pop, mod, punk, garage, neo and real-60s, and glam rock centering on the 1980s and spinning out from 1966 influences to early 1990s progeny. Host DJ Lounge Laura Taylor delves into some old favorites, and brings you the ultra-cool and obscure from France, Brazil and other non-US/UK countries. At 5:45p or so we bring you “The Cocktail Mix” segment which centers around lounge, exotica, soundtracks, now-sound and more, produced by DJ Thee Ana Lu, pictured left. Stefan wrangles the phones and your amazing requests! Thanks for listening to WMNF!


Hosted By...

Laura Taylor  [email protected]

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