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Thee Righteous Temple of Hip Hop  is your number one music choice every Sunday morning at 8 AM (EST) for all things Righteous!  It’s music with a message.

Thee Righteous Temple of Hip Hop Morning Show features a wide variety of gospel/christian hip hop, neo soul, urban contemporary, old school and other artistic forms of relevant righteous music from around the world.

We got the Juice and the Tea!

Thee Righteous Temple of Hip Hop Crew brings fun, wit and humor to the radio engaging new listeners weekly by keeping it real with current events and industry news. Speaking to artists and community activists that mean the most to you.



We believe in the true art of DJing – putting a positive spin on it!

Incorporating their skills by beat juggling and mixing live on the turntables, Thee Righteous Temple of Hip Hop DJs bring musical fun to your ears. Rock the set with  DJ Spen, DJ Tune Selekta, DJ Kross Style, or  DJ Dark Vater by calling in your requests to  813-239-WMNF (9663) or sending a text to 813-433-0885.  You can also email us at [email protected]





Keeping it Righteous for you and the kids!

In the world we live in today, we are surrounded by so much negativity, bad influences and poor examples…especially when it comes to music. That is why WMNF and Thee Righteous Temple  of Hip Hop work so hard to do our best to provide our community with hope, positive influences and music that is uplifting and reviving to the soul.  Listen up weekly for Thee Righteous Word of the Day…you never know who you will hear during our inspirational spotlight such as Lecrae, Pastor Tommy Kyllonen a.k.a. Urban D, Da’ T.R.U.T.H., KB, Andy Mineo, Canton Jones, Pastor Steven Oliver, Pastor Kenneth Muldrow and many more.


Hosted By...

Tempest Live  [email protected]

Radio Personality Recipient WMNF Programmer/Show of the Year
2015/2016 Tampa Bay Gospel Awards Nominee
*Tempest has been the female voice of the FLO for some time and now brings to Sunday morning, for the first time on WMNF, Gospel Hip Hop."
- Randy Wynn Music Director, WMNF

Dj Tune Selekta  [email protected]

Dj. Tune Selekta is a full-blooded Haitian that was born in Miami, FL but raised in Tampa, FL who loves the sound of music. Tune ‘s love for music derived from of his father, who was a drum player and the president of a big carnival band in Haiti that goes by name of “Toro Lakou” (The Bully of The Yard). Tune’s life has taken a180-degree turn by two events-- when he decided to follow Christ and when Tempest from Thee Righteous Temple of Hip-Hop called him. Today Tune is preparing to marry his beautiful friend and fiancée Dieunita Joseph; He’s attending college to pursue an A.S. in Radio/TV broadcasting. He’s now the Co-Host of The Righteous Temple of Hip-Hop, he's affilated with One Accord DJ Alliance Dj, and also runs his own Mobile DJ company called "Sound Ryte Mobile DJs". You might see him in your neighborhood knocking on doors with his Fisherman 5 brothers giving The Good News of Yeshua!!! Wicky Wicky

Dj Spen  [email protected]

Music has always been one of Dj Spen’s first loves; he began his career as a Dj in Richmond, VA, focusing on Hip Hop and also covering various styles and genres. One of his biggest influences was Dj Jazzy Jeff after seeing him perform live at Virginia State University. Dj.Spen ventured into mixing in the clubs and on local radio, and since 2011 he has been part of Thee Righteous Temple of Hip Hop now using the 1’s & 2’s to further God’s Kingdom.

Jamara (That Girl Rizzie) Forbes  [email protected]

Living life can bring MANY challenges, but it's our struggles that make us who we are. Our life reminds me of a pure white canvas, and our struggles are the colored strokes of paint. Each stroke revealing a strength you never knew existed. And once we step back, zoom out, and appreciate the adverse occurrences that have transpired in our life, then we'll finally be able to view the beauty in living. Our greatest hurts & pains CAN become our GREATEST ministry in Christ. (: #lifeisbeautifulaseverwhenitpansout I'm an imperfect human being in need of a perfect Savior, Jesus Christ ♥. #GodWILLALWAYShavethefinalsay #aMOMENTofTRANSPARENCY

Dj Dark Vater  [email protected]

Dj Darkvater, also known as Dwight Scarlett, grew up in Jamaica, where he developed his love for music. As a child, he would hang around the sound systems while the DJs were mixing. After moving to the US, he pursued his love for music and began DJing at local Tampa clubs. In 2004, He gave his life to Christ , and he began DJing exclusively for churches. He took a break from DJing to concentrate on his growth in Christ. Consequently in 2013, DJ Darkvater founded Kingdom Vybz Entertainment--a DJ company that focuses on music ministry and providing wholesome entertainment. DJ Darkvater hosts his weekly Gospel reggae show on Ryte Flyte radio, and he is a resident DJ on Thee Righteous Temple of Hip-Hop.

Dj KrosStyle  [email protected]

Dj KrosStyle is an American Dj, beat maker, producer and radio personality based in Tampa, Fl. Catch him playing some of the best in CHH, EDM, Reggae and christian alternative.

DJ Royalty  

Charlene,otherwise known as DJ Royalty, is a Florida transplant from the west coast state of California. Growing up she always had a love and appreciation for music which as an adult became a therapeutic outlet for her. She started writing and recording songs as a hobby beginning at the age of 8 and turned her passion into a creative sound. In 2013 she started DJing, forming her party and entertainment services company, Light-Life Celebrations. At this point, promoting positive music that you can dance to is the goal. Her favorite type of music is old school and 90s R&B, Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop.


"Jude the Extraordinare"
Radio Personality, Show Operations and Tech


Radio Personality/ Intern
Founder at King's Son Radio over at Hawk Radio, HCC. We are grateful that he is able to lend his voice and skills to us. Welcome to the team.

Wanda "Ryte Flyte" Wright   

Radio Personality
CEO/Visionary at Ryte Flyte Ntertainment
Temple Partner


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Lecrae interview 3.06.16


Guest Dj Tony Tone from Hot97 New York


Misfit interview 5.29.16


Pastor 'Coach' Muldrow  

We appreciate Coach Muldrow being one of our Temple partners.