The Morning Show

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  • Monday

    6:00 am - 9:00 am

    DJ Spaceship

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Join DJ Spaceship Monday mornings from 6 to 9 a.m. ET as he brings you out of the weekend and into an amazing start to your week. Tune in to hear a collection of musical goodies from genres including Americana, Latin, Rock, R&B, Soul and many more on WMNF with DJ Spaceship.

Hosted By...

DJ Spaceship  [email protected]

DJ Spaceship hails from the great city of Tampa, and is an avid listener of WMNF and its assortment of shows. Starting his radio career in podcasting at Powerline Radio, he ventured to HCC (Hawk Radio Ybor campus), Flohio Radio, and 99 JAMZ in St. Petersburg. DJ Spaceship joined WMNF first as a host and on-air personality on the Saturday Night Shutdown, then as one-half of Waves Of The Bay, a show spanning over 2 years on WMNF with co-host Tone Kapone. Spaceship is an official DJ for the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival and the Sherwin Williams AA Network, as well as holds several residencies around the Bay Area. DJ Spaceship loves music of all genres and is known for his favorite saying: “No doubt.” Ladies and Gentleman, “This is your captain speaking!!!”

Nate Dawg  [email protected]

Nathan Bonilla-Warford AKA "Nate Dawg" is the First Cadet assisting DJ Spaceship. He has been a music lover his entire life and comes from a musical family, including his touring musicians father and brother. He announced Basketball Games in his hometown of Ocala, and DJ'd events in college. He volunteered at WORT, the amazing community radio station in Madison, WI. His favorite types of music are funk, jam, bluegrass, electronic video game music, and nerdcore hip-hop. His kids play cello, piano, guitar, ukulele, and sign. His non-musical interests include Legos, camping, and science fiction.
IG: djplayallthethings