The Waking Hours

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  • Tuesday

    4:00 am - 6:00 am

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The Waking Hours draws heavily on modern singer/songwriters, from folk to rock and blues, with a special emphasis on artists that might be new to the station’s listeners, music by real musicians, and music with something to say.  Each week, I feature a new CD that has not yet been widely played and showcase two songs at each of the half hours. I hope to introduce my listeners to musicians who will someday become their new favorite artists.

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I know that many of you are not up from 4-6 am on Tuesday so give the show a listen at a time convenient to you on the archives, which is the ‘listen on demand’ link to the right.

Here are The Waking Hours’ Top 20 CD’s of the past year. These are the new releases that I have been playing the most and love from top to bottom. The top 10 are in order; the bottom 10 are not.

20. The New Zeitgeist/Myths and Mortals
19. Ani DiFranco/Binary
18. Tori Amos/Climb/Native Invader/
17. Josh Ritter/Gathering
16. Bruce Cockburn/Bone on Bone
15. Derek Hoke/Bring the Flood
14. Anna Tivel/Small Believer
13. Hannah Aldridge/Gold Rush
12. Whitney Rose/Rule 62
11. Ray Davies/Americana
10. Jenny Don’t And The Spurs/Call of the Road
9. Margo Price/All American Made
8. Miranda Lee Richards/Existential Beast
7. Nora Jane Struthers/Champion
6. Susan Cattaneo/The Hammer & the Heart
5. Samantha Fish/Belle of the West
4. Legendary Shack Shakers/After You’ve Gone
3. Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters/Amanda Anne Platt & the Honeycutters
2. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit/The Nashville Sound
1. Moot Davis/Hierarchy of Crows


Hosted By...

Craig Huegel  [email protected]

I have a lifetime interest in music, so becoming a programmer was simply an extension of my desire to share it with others.

I started out by pledging for a guest host spot with Jeff Morris in the early 1990's and I became a regular sub for Morning Shows for several years.

When I accepted a job in Sarasota in 2004, I also got in on the ground floor of the newly licensed LP FM station there, WSLR, and did a folk show for its first five years. In 2010, I was given an opportunity to join WMNF and I've never turned back.