Olivia Romano


At 13 years old, Olivia Romano  picked up her dad’s guitar and shut herself into her room for hours, day after day, and taught herself how to play guitar with no other instruction except by ear. She also wrote her first song “Breathe” this same year.

Now at age 17, Olivia hopes to pursue her career as an aspiring singer-songwriter. With just one listen, you already know that she has the voice and song writing talent to make this happen. Her vocal range goes all over the place, but as a soprano she can hit the E or F notes with ease.   She’s had one year of training by a vocal coach who told her she has many “colors” in her voice.

As a song writer, Olivia writes her music first before she writes the lyrics. “I lean towards indie-folk, but other people have told me I sound like I write soul music”. She draws inspiration from some of her favorite artists including Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, KT Tunstall, ZZ Ward, Ed Sheeran, and “really anything blues”. You can hear Olivia play around at local open mic nights and is looking for more exposure around the Tampa Bay area.

Here is her facebook page.


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