Row Jomah


Row Jomah is a 5 piece rock/fusion group out that takes traditional rock instrumentation – guitars, bass, drums and keyboards – and creates a sound that’s just a little bit different from what you’ll hear on a typical evening in the Tampa Bay Area.

Row Jomah was founded in 2013 as organic as any band can form: just a bunch of guys who started jamming together and formed a band. Following no particular agenda, Row Jomah added members that best complimented its sound; riffy acoustic lines, screaming but melodic electric guitar, soulful keyboards and a tight rhythm section, playing songs and jamming all at the same time.

The band’s hard work has paid off as they are now getting booked at major clubs and festivals such as Orange Blossom Jamboree, Gov Fest, and now their first Tropical Heatwave.

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