Troy Youngblood and the Soul Fish

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“If I was knocked out by TEB’s voice, I was totally unprepared for what happened next. Troy Youngblood and the SoulFish hit the stage, and Youngblood’s amazing voice filled the entire fest. There simply aren’t many male singers of his caliber in these here parts. Youngblood also played a mean guitar, fronting bass, drums, keyboard, and trumpet! “Just Another Day in My Life” had me thinking of my all-time favorite singer, Tim Buckley, among others. “Long Tall Ride” was an enjoyable romp, and during “Let Me Go” I was hearing Kim Wilson of the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Please do not misunderstand me: Youngblood is all his own man; I was just finding comparisons with my favorite music. The band had a ball performing “The Devil Smells Like Bourbon.” I’m hoping to see this band again soon, maybe this weekend!”
Scott Hopkins – Tie Yout Shoes Reviews

“Time was colliding now, and I only made it out to hear a brief portion of Troy Youngblood and the Soulfish set. Talk about something completely different! These guys play very convincing, warm and honest American roots music, and Youngblood has a voice like few, if any, on the scene, deep, warm and rich. I really enjoy this group, a bit out of my usual wheelhouse.”
Scott Hopkins – Tie Your Shoes Reviews

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