Democratic Socialism

Bernie Sanders in Kissimmee, Florida. By Seán Kinane

What is democratic socialism? Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks out

What is democratic socialism? On WMNF’s MidPoint we heard sections of a speech from independent Senator Bernie Sanders who is running for president as a Democrat. He spoke last Wednesday (June 12, 2019) at George...

What life is like for the average teenager living in Sweden

BY Rob Lorei Recently, there has been much discussion about democratic socialism as practiced in Sweden, Norway, Finland and other European countries that also rank high in standards of education, healthcare, and standards of living....

Bernie Sanders explains Democratic Socialism in Georgetown University speech

Today we listen to a portion of a speech Bernie Sanders gave yesterday afternoon at Georgetown University, in which he explains the meaning of “Democratic Socialism”, comparing the political ideology to the policies of Franklin...

Radioactivity finds out: what exactly is Democratic Socialism?

throughout most of Bernie Sanders presidential run, a lot have attention has been drawn to the fact that he is a self-described democratic socialist. But what exactly is democratic socialism? Joining us is Maria Svart,...

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