Dusham Weems

The Tampa 5 USF Protesters

Two young USF activists, former employee Chrisley Carpio and student Gia Davila, along with 3 other student activists associated with Tampa Students for a Democratic...
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Episode 18: Andrea Debose a Prose in the Tampa Federal Court System and Won. However, experiencing unnatural delay.

How to represent yourself in federal civil courts as a Prose.
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Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society

Enya Silva and Joseph Charry, members of the Tampa Bay chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), to discuss student protest and solidarity for...
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Ron DeSantis vetoes two Florida bills that would have reduced incarcerations over technical violations and allowed more records to be expunged

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday vetoed two criminal-justice bills passed during the 2023 Florida legislative session.
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prison bars

Pride and Prejudice

Anti-LGBTQ+ laws in the U.S. especially Florida and the world is discussed. Youth suicide, bullying, denial of health care and draconian legislation is causing political...
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Episode 15, May 30, 2023: Code Enforcement Undergirds Black Reparations-Mentesnot

Mentesnot is an established longtime citizen of Hillsborough County, and property owner continues to advocate and fight to remove fines that have been excessive code...
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MidPoint for Thursday, Nov. 30 – Sexual harassment in Congress and the death of Dusharn Weems

While titans like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Later, Charlie Rose and Kevin Spacey have seen their careers blown up following revelations about their sexually harassing men or women, it’s not exactly the same thing for politicians....

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