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MidPoint for Thursday, February 23 with former Congressman David Jolly

David Jolly, the former Representative in Florida’s 13th Congressional District, was our guest for the entire hour this Thursday. Charlie Crist, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Medicare, immigration and foreign relations were all part of the...

Radioactivity Tuesday: Paul Ryan’s plan to privatize Medicare

BY Rob Lorei According to the new website Politico, House Speaker Paul Ryan wants the upcoming Congress to not only repeal Obamacare, but also dramatically change Medicare from a guaranteed government program into a form of...

“Undue Burden” and Trump/Ryan Meeting on Women’s Show

“Undue Burden” – It is an awkward phrase, isn’t it? On Monday the Supreme Court kicked the “undue burden” back to the courts.  The balance in this case is the “under burden” on one’s religious...

Pensacola senior challenges Paul Ryan on Medicare vouchers

Pensacola senior challenges Paul Ryan on Medicare vouchers

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