science fiction

Too Fantastic To Be True

The next Presidential election will be in less than four months, or it is supposed to be. That something unforeseen could delay or even prevent an election has now become a concern in some quarters....

The Life Elsewhere Science Fiction Special

Since the last Presidential election, how many times have you said, “This is all too fantastic to be true”? The most unlikely of Presidents and the perpetual bizarre circus surrounding him has perplexed even the most...

The Blurred Line Between Fantasy And Reality (on Life Elsewhere)

How many times during the past twelve months, when reflecting on the run-up to the Presidential election, have you thought, “This is too fantastic to be true”? The ongoing shenanigans by the most unlikely of...
George Takei

George Takei urges USF students to pursue social justice activism

Star Trek actor and social media star George Takei is telling USF students to pursue social justice activism; in an hour-plus speech at the Sun Dome on the Tampa campus of the University of South...

WBAI’s Exploration science program with Dr. Michio Kaku

WBAI's Exploration Science Program with Dr. Michio Kaku

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