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Hippie music lives! Hosted by Ed Greene Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

This week, Lots of your favorite tunes thanks to our listener supporter David Knowles and his friend Rick, including Alvin Lee, Spirit, Jimi Hendrix, The Byrds, some good ol’ LIVE Grateful Dead, as well as Duane Allman and Friends mixed in!!!

In the bigger picture of things we lost another brother in our music world, RIP Chuck Berry
We will remember Chuck like only the Freak Show can, with a little help from his friends, showing him lots of love and respect.
All of Chuck’s children are out there playin’ his riffs…. including me on The Freak Show

As time flies by, we encourage you to schedule 2 hours for yourself every Tuesday evening from 6-8 PM eastern. We’ll help you tune out for a bit and transport you along with us on The Freak Show Train! All Aboard!
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You can always listen back to last week’s show in our archives over there —>
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Hosted By...

Grateful Ed

Hey Now ! So glad you have found us here on The Freak Show! I have been a volunteer here at WMNF since 1983, and hosting on The Freak Show since 1985. Coming to you live from the Vicki Santa Memorial Studio, we call it hippie music, but it includes everything from Elvis to the British Invasion, singer song writers from the folky 70's,and all our Freaky Friends from the psychedelic sounds of San Francisco! That's just the start of it! Tune in so you can tune out! Let us know what we can play for you.

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