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    A blend of bluesy/jazzy instrumentals and Reggae, Modern Soul, Bluesy Rock, Country and Modern Pop.

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We have officially entered a new season of the year which, a season that many look forward to because of all of the wonderful treasures it brings, to include the cooler weather. During today’s program we are going to bid a proper “farewell to summer and a “hearty hello” to the fall season.   And some of the ways in which we will be doing this is by reflecting over some of those summer experiences….such as those “summer love”. But we will also dive into other areas such as discovering some of the “best” things about the fall season, discussing those fall fashion and even explore how it is possible for you to still find love in the fall season of your life…

Join me, Renna (your Radio Flayme) Friday, from 4 to 6am to be a part of this musical journey!!! Hope you are able to tune in! If not you can always listen back for a week on the Morning Energy archives.


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Melissa Etheridge Mahaffey Theater Thursday December 1, 2016 7:30PM (Hard Tickets)
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A singer, songwriter and guitarist with a vast catalog of smash hits and well-loved deep tracks, Melissa Etheridge has won two Grammy Awards (for “Ain’t it Heavy” and “Come to My Window”), and an Academy Award (for “I Need to Wake Up”). For this special holiday show, Etheridge and her group will be performing songs from her 2008 holiday album, A New Thought For Christmas. Songs will include fan favorites and holiday classics such as “Merry Christmas Baby,” “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” “O Night Divine” and more.

Etheridge’s latest release is Memphis Rock and Soul, a new album honoring Stax Records, this fall.

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I found out about WMNF through an outreach table that was set up at Sweet Water Organic Farm during my first visit there about 5 years ago.

I had never really heard much about community radio stations at that time and became extremely intrigue as to why a radio station would have an interest in attending and/or hosting events in the community.

As I began to learn more from the Volunteer Coordinator at that time, I decided that the station would be a great fit for me in light of my background in communications and my ongoing interest in helping others.

One of my first volunteer assignments at WMNF was community outreach. I thought what better way to reach out to the community than in the same manner that I felt WMNF had reached out to me. After about a year of doing out reach service, I decided to try my hands at voicing promos/drops since I still had a passion for the arts. I also began helping out during the marathons.

Consequently, while volunteering during one of the marathons, I was asked by a former host to consider being one of their co-host because he liked my personality and the sound of my voice. I had never done formal radio work before, although I DID have a communication degree, however, my interest while attending college at that time was more towards television than radio. Nonetheless, I agreed. In addition to being a co-host on that show (The Damn Jams )(Hip-Hop) , other shows that I have co-hosted on while volunteering at WMNF are: Thee Righteous Temple of Hip Hop (Christian Hip Hop), The Early Bird Wake Up Show (Country), Blues With A Groove (Blues ), Mellow Music Encounters ( R& B and Blues) and Kingston 12 (Reggae). However, In February 2014,

I was thankfully given the opportunity to host and produce my own show.... MORNING ENERGY..... and it has truly been an AMAZING experience and journey for which I will always be thankful for!!!

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