Frank Sinatra’s Best Songs ~ Doing it His Way

It no longer matters what song he is singing, or who wrote the words — they are all his words, his sentiments, they are chapters from the lyrical novel of his life. Gay Talese, Frank Sinatra has a cold, Esquire Magazine, 4/66 Frank Sinatra is credited with co-writing a handful of songs, but most of the… Read more »

Human Rights and Heroes on Morning Energy

Human Rights Day is observed annually on December 10th to commemorate the day in 1948 when the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  On Morning Energy, we are going to explore the history of “THIS DAY” to include discussions about present day HEROES who work tirelessly in the name of HUMAN RIGHTS.   Other topics… Read more »

Best Songs of 2015 on WMNF – this Thursday!

We will have the best songs of 2015, or at least, the most played songs by our WMNF programmers this Thursday. What songs and artists do you think will be played? There are 88 of them…who can they be? You can leave your best of in the comments section below. Randy Wind will start off… Read more »

Holistic Resource Management – Allan Savory on Sustainable Living

On today’s Sustainable Living Program our guest was Allan Savory. For centuries we believed livestock were a major cause of desertification, but Savory’s research showed that the cause lay in how those livestock were managed. His solution involved mimicking the behavior of the formerly vast herds of wild grazing animals he had witnessed as a… Read more »