WMNF’s Winter Fund Drive is February 4-11

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Things are always exciting around WMNF. And February promises to be even more so.

I’m not talking about the two Paul Thorn concerts or the Alvins show or The Rockabilly Ruckus or the Record Sale (yup, all in February).

I’m not even talking about the first anniversary of my becoming General Manager of WMNF (February 16) or, even more important, my birthday (February 17, thanks for asking).


What’s going to make February so exciting at WMNF is kicking the whole month off with our Winter Fund Drive February 4-February 11!

I’ve been around a few public radio stations in my career and I can say, without a doubt, that I’ve never seen anything like a WMNF Fund Drive. Real people pouring their hearts out to real listeners about why they love this radio station. Surprise, it’s the same reasons you do. Great news. Great music. Big heart for the community that is Tampa Bay.

Yeah, we are going to be asking you to back up your support for WMNF with a pledge… money that is.

It’s how this whole thing works… even though on paper it shouldn’t. We strive to create programming you’re not going to find anywhere else in Tampa Bay. And you say yes to that programming by making a pledge… even though you don’t have to. And you do… keeping WMNF on the air for 36 years.

Big pledges. Small pledges. All Pledges are going to end up raising $245,000.

Sounds like a big number but it really isn’t when you consider what it takes to keep a radio station up and running these days. Another big number for you to remember–813.238.8001. Or you can donate now right here on this website by hitting the tip jar, or going to the schedule and finding out more about the shows you listen to.

But what really makes $245,000 a small number is the size of your hearts. We will make that goal and when we do I can guarantee you that I and the staff and volunteers of WMNF will be stunned at your generosity and support.

So get ready to blow us away again by making a pledge during our Winter Fund Drive. It’s how you show that you – like WMNF – march to the beat of a different drummer.

Make sure the beat goes on! The Winter Drive starts February 4!

Craig Kopp

WMNF General Manager