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    6:00 am - 9:00 am

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Randy Wind gathers an eclectic mix of rock, folk and acoustic, blues, soul, and surprises, relating the hot new releases to music of the past sixty years.   Randy specializes in presenting programs filled with music history and themes.


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WMNF event – Southern Avenue 09/23/18 6PM
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Southern Avenue Sunday September 23, 2018 6 PM Skipper’s Smokehouse

The great soul band who did a fantastic WMNF event last year is coming back

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WMNF’s 2018 Americana Fest 07/14/18
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WMNF’s 2017 Americana Festival Saturday July 14, 2018 4PM to Midnight Skipper’s Smokehouse

The annual summer event is a great showcase for roots rocking bands

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WMNF Event – Tribute To Todd Rundgren 06/22/18
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WMNF 70th Birthday Tribute to Todd Rundgren Friday, June 22, 2018 8PM Skipper’s Smokehouse


Todd Rundgren is an eclectic, multi-faceted and innovative artist, deserving of a WMNF tribute on his 70th birthday

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Summer Fun Drive T-Shirt
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I just wanted to reach out to and alert you of an event that is coming up soon,


Yes, summer is fast approaching and we are all looking forward to some down time to relax, travel or head to the beach.  But we have a little work to do before we head out!  Make a contribution and pick up the the new WMNF Summer Fun Drive T-Shirt.

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Pacifica Radio Voices that Changed the World Flash Drive
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64 GB 1350 hours of content from the Pacifica Radio Archives.   Included are James Baldwin, Bob Dylan, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, George Carlin, Molly Ivins, Alan Watts, and many more.  Plug it in to your computer, laptop, Blu-ray, or compatible device.



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WMNF Ball Cap
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You want to represent and look FOINE? Ball cap!

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WMNF Event Passport
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The WMNF Event Passport allows you access to 10 WMNF events (10 tickets). WMNF EVENTS ONLY.

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Hosted By...

Randy Wind

I have been doing radio since 1969! I have lived the music through seeing thousands of concerts, and doing thousands of radio shows and listening to probably over a million songs. I love the Morning Show because it can be the latest release or music going back to the early twentieth century. It can be the slowest, prettiest song or the fastest, rockingest song, and everything in between.

I often create theme shows, and have done hundreds of themes, including tributes to great years in music... a study through music of aging or nostalgia or quiet desperation...or parent-child relations or male-female roles or apocalyptic songs or optimistic songs, songs about God and another show about the Devil. Time. Travel. Cars and car culture. Science fiction. Self esteem. Different ways to end relationships. Marriage. Education.

Do you have an idea for a theme show?

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