Saturday Soulful Soiree

Saturday: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Tune in for the hottest, newest releases in Blues, Soul, Funky R & B, and a plethora of NOLA vibes. We’ve got the classics too! Host, Cheryl Mogul features many great obscure tracks from all eras and music from around the globe that will get your attitude just right for a Saturday night!

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Hosted by
Cheryl Mogul

Saturday Soulful Soiree offers the best R&B, Blues, soul (new/classic), and funk music! Meet the master behind the music in this edition of WMNF's Programmer Spotlight featuring Cheryl Mogul.

How long have you been with WMNF?

The ENTIRE time we have been on air since Sept. 14, air and on air -VOLUNTEERING!

What does your show represent to you and what do you hope people get out of it?

Heavy dose of NOLA music for sure - blues and some jazzy and swing numbers too - just an upbeat and fun program full of HOT surprises each and every single week! One really never knows what to expect and what tangent we will go off on for the evening.

I hope people get a feeling of release from the workweek and are dancing and just HAPPY and up from the upbeat mix we present! I want people to have a funky good time ALL night long. I want to dance and be happy too and I am with the music and what it represents. Music is my favorite medicine for contending with life.

What's your favorite show on WMNF (aside from your own)?

WOW! There have been SO, SO many over the 34 years I can't really say - this is SO very hard, but I MUST say consistently Soul Party has made me blissfully happy for the duration - that is REALLY what I grew up on - a steady diet of great soul blasting out of Philly airwaves and my real first love of music then followed.

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