The Traffic Jam – Thursday

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  • Thursday

    4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Beep beep!

Hi, please tune in to Thursday Traffic Jam on WMNF 88.5 FM 4 – 6 p.m. and GIVE GENEROUSLY IN OUR WINTER FUND DRIVE, HAPPENING NOW!
It’s my honor to lovingly curate a weekly playlist full of the most relevant music in our lives, playing artists who’re in town, new releases, old faves, and of course lots of locals, without commercials or corporate influence. Pretty awesome! Plus, we bring bands in to the studio and really get to know them! We give away concert tickets and keep the chit chat to a minimum to let the music shine. If you appreciate Thursday Traffic Jam on WMNF, please donate to make sure this show stays afloat! Thanks!
Radio on, Roadrunners!
Thank You Gifts available from The Traffic Jam – Thursday
Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Skippers 2/28
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Rev Peyton roars into Skippers Smokehouse on Friday, February 28.

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40 Years and Into The Future T-Shirt
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This soft and stylish gray t-shirt features the great logo “40 Years Radio Active and Into the Future”!

$88.50$120.00Select options

WMNF Americana Fest
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WMNF Americana Fest,  Saturday, April 11, 6pm at Skippers,  with  Eilen Jewell Band; Betty Fox Band:  Joshua Reilly and the Corn Fed Locals;  Jenu Six and the Old Souls; Will Quinlan: and Jordan Foley and the Wheelhouse

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 WMNF’s Annual Ruckus
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WMNF’s Annual Ruckus at Skippers Smokehouse, Saturday, February 29, 7pm, with Big Sandy and His Flyrite Boys, Sarah Borges,  Jeff Vitolo and the Quarter Mile Rebels;   Little Sheba and the Shamans and more 

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WMNF Event Passport
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The WMNF Event Passport allows you access to 10 WMNF events (10 tickets). WMNF EVENTS ONLY.

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40th Anniversary WMNF Brick Paver
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You can set in stone your love of WMNF on our People’s Patio! Put your name or dedicate it to a loved one! 100% tax-deductible!  For a limited time includes a WMNF 40th Anniversary logo.  Be a part of the celebration get the paver for a Circle of Friends monthly contribution of $50.00.

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WMNF Grocery Shopping Bag
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This very cool bag may be blue, but is truly a “green” product…it folds up into the size of a dollar bill…and includes a clip for your keys! Holds 20 pounds! These bags can save the average American 300 to 700 plastic shopping bags a year, saving 3 to 7 gallons of crude oil! T

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WMNF Peace Magnet
only 10 available
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This is so cool! It’s a magnetic car peace sign (it sticks to anything steel, really! You gotta get one for your car or fridge!  Comes in white with red lettering.  You can get this for $5.00 a month Circle of Friends contribution.

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WMNF Event Pass For One
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A pass for one person to every WMNF event for 13 months. Can’t afford a one time $500 contribution, divide it up into 12 installments of $41.66 a month or join the Circle Of Friends and get a pass for life for the same monthly contribution.

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WMNF Event Pass for Two
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Annual Event Pass for Two – Good for 13 months to all WMNF events. Some restrictions apply.

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These are exclusive gifts of The Traffic Jam – Thursday, more Thank You gifts available

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