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The Scoop: Thurs., September 28, 2023 Tampa Bay & Florida headlines by WMNF

Progress Village’s solar progress Progress Village, in Eastern Hillsborough County, is claiming the title of the first Black community in Florida to adopt a solar...
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The Scoop: WMNF Daily News Digest

Progress Village becomes Florida’s first Black community to build solar microgrid

In Eastern Hillsborough County, Progress Village is claiming the title of the first Black community in Florida to adopt a solar microgrid. A coalition of...
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Air quality on the decline in Tampa despite nationwide improvements

 Overall air quality in the nation has improved. However,  it’s actually gotten worse in Tampa. WMNF's Chris Young reports.
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Tampa skyline with Beer Can Building

Tampa’s first sustainability and resilience chief on the challenges of climate change

Whit Remer, Tampa's first-ever sustainability and resilience officer, discussed the city's new Climate Action and Equity Plan for dealing with the challenges of climate...
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Whit Remer

“Slate of Hate” spurs statewide rallies by Florida For All

A coalition of progressive organizations marched on Saturday in cities across the state of Florida to shine a light on some of the 200 new...
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Advocates call for Hillsborough County public meeting on fossil-fueled energy rate hikes

Listen: Advocates rallied outside the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners meeting Thursday to demand county action on energy use and fossil fuels. Last week, the...
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April Griffin. WMNF

Hillsborough Schools testing buses fueled by propane

The Hillsborough County public school district is updating an aging school bus fleet by purchasing new vehicles; and part of that push is testing buses that run on an alternative fuel: propane. Recently WMNF News spoke about...

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