The Scoop: Wed., September 13, 2023 Tampa Bay & Florida headlines by WMNF

Polk County man killed Polk County deputies shot and killed a man last night on Westside Ridge Blvd in the city of Auburndale. After 55-year-old...
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The Scoop: WMNF Daily News Digest

Episode 19: Earnest Coney Chief Executive of CDC of Tampa

CDC of Tampa is a social service organization that is responsible for making society better by providing skills for the modern workforce, real estate for...
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Episode 18: Andrea Debose a Prose in the Tampa Federal Court System and Won. However, experiencing unnatural delay.

How to represent yourself in federal civil courts as a Prose.
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Episode 17: Pro Se Experience in Federal Courts by Andrea Debose

In the federal court system, over three hundred thousand Pro Se represent themselves. A look into the Pro Se world was defending self in Federal Courts...
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Episode 9, Mississippi Passed the HB 1020 is a call for Jim Crow Policies to appoint Judges to govern 83% Black People denying citizenship.

03/20/2023, Episode 9, Mississippi Passed HB 1020 is a call for Jim Crow Policies to appoint Judges to govern 83% of Black People denying citizenship.
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What’s The Matter With Florida?

Democrats did surprisingly well throughout the U.S. in the midterm elections, EXCEPT in Florida. What's the matter with Florida? We talk to local Democratic political...
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From a Woman’s POV discusses the role of Project Censored to preserve freedom of press and The distorted reality in Detroit

CENSORED…exposes us to the “hidden news” WHISTLEBLOWER SUMMIT in DC next week

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