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oil drilling rig

Fight gears up over a Florida oil drilling permit

A legal battle is moving forward over a plan to drill for oil and gas in part of rural Northwest Florida in the Apalachicola River floodplain

Removing PFAS from public water systems will cost billions and take time – here are ways you can filter out harmful ‘forever chemicals’ at home

In recent years, the growing number of health risks found to be connected to PFAS chemicals has become increasingly alarming.
Florida springs

Florida Right to Clean Water amendment will have to wait until 2026; plus environmentalists oppose the Bellmar development in Florida panther habitat

Organizers plan to get the Right to Clean Water amendment on Florida's 2026 ballot instead. Plus: opposition to Bellmar development.

PURE or “Toilet to Tap”? What’s Going in Tampa’s Drinking Water?

The Mayor calls it "PURE." The Tampa City Council calls it "Toilet To Tap." It is the plan to mix highly treated wastewater with the City's drinking water by 2032. Environmentalists and neighborhood activists strongly...

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