Florida election recount

Lawsuit targets new Florida law that creates a ‘bureaucratic morass’ in felons voting

A lawsuit calls Florida a “national embarrassment,” for officials violating a constitutional amendment restoring voting rights of felons.
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Listen: Detectives look for assistance with Courtney Campbell Causeway child homicide According to a police report, Tampa Police Department detectives are investigating a homicide in the 8500 block of the Courtney Campbell Causeway after a...
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Judge blocks parts of Florida’s new elections law

A federal judge Monday blocked parts of a new Florida elections law challenged by voter-registration groups.
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Judge weighs changes to voter registration in Florida

Voter registration groups urged a federal judge to block parts of a new law on Florida voter registration, arguing it is discriminatory.
DeSantis defeats Charlie Crist Election 2022

DeSantis signs new Florida elections laws; he can run for president without resigning

As he entered the 2024 race for the White House, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday signed a major elections bill that places additional restrictions on voter registration groups and helps clear the way for him...
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Court urged to hear Florida elections law fight

Voting rights groups want a full federal appeals court to take up a fight about whether a 2021 Florida elections law made changes that discriminated against Black voters.
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The 2023 Florida legislative session summarized: Here are 10 big issues that passed

In the 2023 Florida Legislative session, the Republican-controlled House & Senate passed bills that were priorities of Gov. Ron DeSantis.
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Appeals court backs most of Florida’s 2021 elections law, overturning a ruling that it discriminates against Black voters

An appeals court overturned most of a federal judge’s ruling that a 2021 Florida elections law was intended to discriminate against Black voters.

State Senate passes controversial Florida elections changes

The Florida Senate approved a sweeping elections bill aimed at continuing Republican leaders’ efforts to crack down on voter-registration groups.

MidPoint: The 2023 Tampa Municipal Election and New Proposed Vote Reform Legislation

The results of the Tampa municipal elections are in and there is more new, pending voting legislation coming from Tallahassee that may make it harder to register and vote.
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Florida lawmakers refuel fight over elections laws

The Florida House is moving forward to make wide-ranging elections law changes like additional restrictions on voter registration groups.
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Florida Senate advances a bill to further restrict voter registration groups

Republican lawmakers began advancing a sweeping Florida elections package that would impose further restrictions on voter-registration groups.

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