Florida farmers want to cut labor costs; they want the legislature to help by passing laws on artificial intelligence and mechanization

The Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association says boosting technologies could help farmers cut costs and reverse trends in international trade.

Coffeeland. Restoring Eden.

Augustine Sedgewick – Coffeeland: One Man’s Dark Empire and the Making of Our Favorite Drug What do you know about coffee? A wonderful new book will change how you look at – or taste coffee...

Sustainable Living: Freedom Farm

Monday’s guests on Sustainable Living were Jim Kovaleski and Tanner Johnson from Freedom Farm in New Port Richey. 
free food free produce Pinellas County

Free produce giveaway on Friday in Lealman

This Friday there is a Produce Giveaway in Lealman. The produce is fresh from Florida farmers recovering crops.

Sustainable Living: HEART Village for sustainable agriculture

During today’s sustainable living show (10/11/2021) we caught up with Josh Jamison who is an Agriculture Manager at HEART Village

Update on citrus greening in Florida

Officials in Miami-Dade County are dealing with an infestation of the Asian fruit fly; it has not spread beyond Miami-Dade, but citrus growers through the whole state still face another issue: citrus greening. To find...

Polk County citrus farmer cautiously optimistic about Oriental fruit fly

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam said in a news release Tuesday there is an Oriental fruit fly infestation in Miami-Dade County. Officials have declared a state of emergency because the fly could potentially attack hundreds...

WMNF’s Sustainable Living Program- Insects & Diseases & Vegetables Oh My!

On today’s WMNF 88.5FM Sustainable Living Program we’ll be talking about insects and diseases that affect vegetables we grow here in West Central Florida. Today’s guests work at the University of Florida Gulf Coast Research...

Montana’s alternative food movement, a NOVA documentary on sinkholes, and a film about the child welfare system on today’s Radioactivity

Montana's alternative food movement, a NOVA documentary on sinkholes, and a film about the Child Welfare System on today's Radioactivity

Small farms under threat from the FDA in “Farmageddon”

Federal and state laws can create hurdles for small farmers, who face raids and arrests for such things as selling raw milk to customers. A new film, called Farmageddon, documents the struggles of independent farmers....

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