LGBTQ Trans Pride Flag

Florida bills on monuments and flags could be dead

Controversial bills on removing historical monuments and restricting flags flown on public buildings appear to be dead in the Florida Senate.
LGBTQ Trans Pride Flag

Controversial bills on flags and monuments appear to die in the Florida Senate

An effort to restrict what flags can be flown at schools and other public buildings flailed in the Florida Senate this week,
Aerial photo of downtown Tallahassee, Florida and the State Capitol

Learn more about these ten big issues to watch halfway through the Florida Legislative session

Florida’s annual 60-day legislative session reached its halfway point Wednesday. Here are updates on 10 big issues in the session.
LGBTQ Trans Pride Flag

Ron DeSantis says he supports a controversial flag bill but then it stalls in the Florida Senate

Members of Equality Florida were among opponents who spoke against the measure, arguing it singles out LGBTQ people by banning pride flags.

The Scoop: Tue., February 6, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

Hernando considers books in schools The Hernando School Board will consider three books for removal at tonight’s 6 o’clock meeting. the board is considering removing the books: The Black Friend: On Being a Better White...
Florida driver license

Florida changes its policy: the state won’t let people change the gender on their driver’s licenses and suggests transgender individuals with correct licenses are committing fraud

Ron DeSantis’ administration quietly reversed a policy allowing Floridians to obtain driver’s licenses that reflect their gender identity.

A judge orders a Florida county and city to pay $736,000 in legal fees after their bans on “conversion therapy”

The city and county had barred therapists from providing "conversion therapy" to change minors’ sexual orientation or gender identity.
LGBTQ Trans Pride Flag

“It’s repulsive” — State House advances bill to limit use of Pride flags

A bill advanced that would put restrictions on LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, and other flags on some Florida buildings.
pronouns they them

A Senate Republican files a bill to restrict Florida agencies in the use of personal pronouns

The bill is part of long-running battles in the Florida Legislature about issues related to gender identity.
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A judge will rule “as quick as I can” on healthcare restrictions for transgender Floridians

The law, in part, barred doctors from approving puberty blockers and hormone therapy for the treatment of minors with gender dysphoria.
LGBTQ Trans Pride Flag

Florida bill would prevent local governments, schools and colleges from flying flags that represent “a political viewpoint”

Under the bill local governments, public schools, colleges and universities would be barred from displaying certain flags.
pronouns they them

Teachers challenge a new Florida law restricting the use of pronouns in schools

Teachers say a new Florida law restricting titles and pronouns unconstitutionally discriminates against transgender and nonbinary educators.

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