National Flood Insurance Program


A judge rejects Florida’s request to block changes to flood insurance

A federal judge has rejected a request by Florida & other states for a preliminary injunction to block changes to the National Flood Insurance Program.
climate change storm rain

Flood insurance tab for Hurricane Ian tops $4 billion

The National Flood Insurance Program paid $4.38 billion for more than 47,000 claims filed after last year’s Hurricane Ian.
Hurricane Idalia

Florida and other states say their flood insurance fight should continue

Florida & other states want to stop an attempt by the Biden administration to end a challenge to changes to the National Flood Insurance Program.
chronic flood risk via Union of Concerned Scientists report on sea-level rise

1 million Florida homes at risk of chronic floods by 2100: UCS study

A new report by the Union of Concerned Scientists says “within the next 30 years, roughly 64,000 homes in Florida … will be at risk” of chronic floods from sea-level rise. On WMNF’s MidPoint we...

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