Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Legendary activist Captain Paul Watson discusses being ousted from his own organization, launching a new one

Captain Paul Watson--a major figure for decades in the realm of animal rights, founding the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 1977, from which he was recently ousted—discusses the new organization he’s launched.
Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in St. Pete, Florida by Sean Kinane

Sea Shepherd founder: “no whales will be killed in international waters” this year

According to its website, the “Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization.” They rely on direct-action tactics to stop illegal activities and are often involved in a confrontation with other...
Hands Across the Sand opposition to drilling and fracking

Hands Across the Sand 2018 preview

Every spring, beach lovers across Florida – and in other parts of the world – gather to hold Hands Across the Sand to oppose offshore oil and gas drilling. Jana Wiggins is a volunteer with...

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