Tim Kaine

Andrew Warren calls judicial consolidation “a naked power grab by Tallahassee and the Republican leadership”

Andrew Warren calls a plan to merge court circuits "a naked power grab by Tallahassee and the Republican leadership" in Florida.
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Hillsborough County's suspended State Attorney Andrew Warren

Radioactivity Monday: Florida This Week and an exclusive interview with Dem VP nominee Tim Kaine

By Rob Lorei First on Radioactivity Monday we aired Florida This Week from WEDU TV this past Saturday night,a weekly show political talk show about state and local politics. On this week’s show it was...
Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s advice for Mike Pence in VP debate

WMNF’s Rob Lorei interviewed Vice President Joe Biden Tuesday about what advice Biden would give to Mike Pence in the VP debate: “It would be a hell of a life to get up in the morning...

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