Ron DeSantis gets a win in a lawsuit over Gainesville’s utility

A federal judge dismissed claims against Ron DeSantis in a challenge to a new state law that overhauled the Gainesville municipal utility.
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Florida Supreme Court: Duke Energy customers must pay $7.2 million after a power plant outage

The Florida Office of Public Counsel, which represents consumers in utility issues, had challenged the decision.

Judge upholds a Florida law turning over the Gainesville utility to a state-appointed board

A circuit judge rejected a challenge by the city of Gainesville to a new Florida law overhauling control of the Gainesville municipal utility.

Judge weighs the legality of a Florida law that overhauls Gainesville’s public utility

A circuit judge heard arguments in a challenge by the city of to a Florida law overhauling control of the Gainesville municipal utility.

Florida wants a judge to toss out a challenge to its overhaul of Gainesville’s municipal utility

Gov. Ron DeSantis wants a federal judge to toss out a constitutional challenge to a new law overhauling Gainesville's municipal utility.

Tampa Electric expects lower bills

Pointing to lower costs for power-plant fuel, Tampa Electric Co. said Wednesday it expects to reduce customer bills in 2024.

Gainesville is challenging the constitutionality of Florida’s takeover of the city’s utility

The city of Gainesville has launched a wide-ranging constitutional challenge to a new state law that overhauled control of the region’s municipal utility, including saying it could violate bond agreements.

Revamp of Gainesville Regional Utilities is challenged in federal court

Residents have filed a federal-court challenge to Florida's overhaul of the electric utility in the Gainesville area.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis approves a new state-controlled agency to take over Gainesville Regional Utilities

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill to create an authority to replace the longstanding Gainesville Regional Utilities agency.
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Local utilities in Florida could see more state regulation

Florida House and Senate members last week filed proposals that would increase state regulation of many municipal electric utilities.
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Storm project costs are approved for utilities; they’ll pass those costs on to Florida customers

Florida regulators signed off on utilities collecting hundreds of millions of dollars from customers to pay for storm-hardening projects.
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St. Pete plans to be able to handle Hermine-like stormwater event by next summer

The Public Works Administrator of St. Petersburg insists that stormwater improvements over the next year will allow the city to be prepared for another rain event on the scale of Hurricane Hermine by next August;...

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