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Florida redistricting

Voting rights groups want a court to take another look at whether Florida redistricting was racially discriminatory

Voting rights groups want a court to reconsider a ruling that upheld the constitutionality of a Florida congressional redistricting plan.
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Florida election law A federal judge closed the door on claims that key aspects of Florida’s 2021 elections law were unconstitutional, despite acknowledging concerns about targeting Black voters. The judgment stated that the plaintiffs failed...
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A federal judge ends the legal challenges to Florida’s 2021 elections law even though the legislature changed laws to “target” Black voters

A federal judge Thursday closed the door on allegations that key parts of Florida's 2021 elections law were unconstitutional.
Florida redistricting

Florida continues its fight over redistricting in federal court

Voting rights groups are challenging Florida's congressional redistricting plan in separate lawsuits in state and federal courts.
Florida redistricting

Appeals court backs the Ron DeSantis redistricting plan

A state appeals court Friday upheld a congressional redistricting plan that Gov. Ron DeSantis pushed through the Legislature.
Monique Worrell

Ron DeSantis’ suspension of Monique Worrell is challenged on due process and First Amendment grounds

The Southern Poverty Law Center case contends DeSantis' suspension of Worrell violated due process and First Amendment rights.
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Plaintiffs fire back in felons’ voting case in Florida

Plaintiffs want to continue a lawsuit challenging how Florida is carrying out a constitutional amendment to restore felons’ voting rights.
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Voting rights groups press on with their challenge to Florida’s voter registration handwritten signature requirement they say violates the Civil Rights Act

The appeal comes after a federal judge rejected a lawsuit challenging a Florida requirement for “wet” signatures on voter registration forms.
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Florida wants a lawsuit by voting rights groups thrown out; the suit challenges how the state is carrying out a 2018 constitutional amendment

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration, county clerks of court and elections supervisors want a federal judge to toss out the lawsuit.
Florida redistricting

Voting rights groups say the ruling that Florida’s congressional redistricting is unconstitutional should stand

Previously a judge ruled that a congressional redistricting plan backed by Gov. Ron DeSantis violated the Florida Constitution.
Florida redistricting

Updated: Florida takes aim at judge’s ruling that its redistricting is unconstitutional

Attorneys for Florida argued that its redistricting plan eliminating a Black-majority district abolished a “race-based electoral monopoly.”
Florida election recount

ACLU celebrates the July decision by a federal judge blocking parts of a new Florida elections law

A judge recently blocked parts of a new Florida law that made it more difficult for community-based organizations to register people to vote.

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