wage theft

Fight for 15 minimum wage

Florida has a problem with minimum wage violations and it could get worse

Florida’s minimum wage is set to increase to $11/hour. But wage theft is rampant because the minimum wage law isn't always be enforced.

Pinellas and Hillsborough to join South Florida counties in combating wage theft

By Rob Lorei Hillsborough and Pinellas counties will soon be joining several South Florida counties in passing local ordinances aimed at protecting workers from wage theft. Wage theft is when employees are withheld  rightly owed wages or...
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Hillsborough passes wage recovery ordinance

Hillsborough County now has a way to help employees who are getting short-changed by their bosses; the County Commission unanimously passed a “wage recovery ordinance” Wednesday morning to resolve disputes when a worker claims wage theft....

Hillsborough County Commission moving to stop wage theft

Hillsborough County Commission voted to have an attorney draft a wage theft ordinance.

WEDU’s Florida This Week, and Hillsborough drafts ordinance on wage theft

WEDU's Florida This Week, and Hillsborough drafts ordinance on wage theft

Workers strike and rally in St. Petersburg demanding higher minimum wage

The fight for $15 movement, advocating a $15 an hour minimum wage, took their grievance to the steps of Saint Pete City Hall.

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