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    Survey of the local arts scene with JoEllen Schilke.

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I’m making a Tampa mural map, that we can keep updating, and also one for Pinellas. Here is one for St. Pete. If you have pictures that I can add to the posts on the murals, please send them to My photos aren’t that good, thought some other folks have already helped! Thank you. xoxoxo Here is the latest post:

THANK YOU to all the Art in Your Ear guests, listeners, artists, creators, helpers and fans. Thanks for giving us a wonderful 2016.

Wishing for peace on Earth, and that 2017 is much better than any of us can hope for.

Sam Johnson is filling in on the 12/30/16 show. xoxoxox

This Week’s Show

All music, except for a great report from Sam Johnson about the new Frida exhibit at the Dali Museum.

Meanwhile, here is an artsy pop video!

Last Week’s Show

Poor guests had the flu, so you got some talks about how good procrastination is; play being the mother of invention; and Keith Richards as the center of the universe (from Billy Collins, poet extraordinaire).
You can see the playlist for all of the Art in Your Ear shows  —>



 Earlier this year…

Bob Devin Jones came in from The Studio @620 to talk about the YES show (NOT THE BAND GOD NO); the concept of always saying YES; a brilliant re-thinking of Orson Welles & John Houseman’s all black casted MacBeth; and just stuff in general. Bob is one of my heroes, so I might have gushed a little.
yes-show-at-620 yes-show-at-620-2

bob-devin-yes yes-at-620




This isn’t the same song I played, but the same artist.

Earlier this year also

Terry Dame and Catherine Bergmann came in from the Dunedin Fine Arts Center to talk about Terry’s sound art. She had a performance at the DFAC on Sunday in conjunction with the show there, See/Hear, which is a really fun show (vegetable orchestra!!!).

Here are some short clips from the performance of AiYE’s guest, Terry Dame:


Before getting into it, here is a link to Lin Manuel Miranda’s additional song for the Hamilton Mixtape:



Et Cultura Festival is a new fest celebrating the creative life of St. Petersburg. It mixes music, art, film, a kids area, projection mapping, and more than 100 makers of stuff. Cool stuff. Colin Lyman, Lindsay Dixson, Todd Bates, and Joanna Coblentz came in to give an overview of this fun fest.


Artist Steven Kenny talked about surrealism; the influence, or lack of it, of the environment on his work; reality, and much more. He has a show with David David Figueroa (I love saying that) opening up at Leslie Curran’s gallery in St. Pete during this month’s Art Walk.

The Lure

The Lure

Fisherman's Bride

Fisherman’s Bride










Pelican King

Pelican King

Ice Wings

Ice Wings









Here’s the popular TED talk from Issac Lidsky


You may have heard Asia Samson’s heartbreaking and hopeful poem, Awakening. We played a newer poem, that is hopeful and heartbreaking in a happy way, Alive.


Thank you to the wonderful people who supported Art in Your ear this last drive! You are wonderful!

aiye billboard2





Everyone who pledges $40 or more gets an Art in your Ear sticker, first ones ever made! Collector items!








You can listen back over there –> and please send me an email if you have any questions.

All of the events are posted up on our facebook page. Please like it if you haven’t yet.

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Thanks so much for listening to Art in Your Ear. This show has been on WMNF in one way or another since the early 80s. The art world has changed so much locally since then.

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