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  • Friday

    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    Survey of the local arts scene with JoEllen Schilke.

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Thank You Gifts available from Art in Your Ear
Pair of Andy Nukes Stickers for Art in Your Ear
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I love these stickers, and hope you do too. Andy Nukes is a righteous artist who made these and other ones. There is the quite true, and slightly profane, Ten Commandments.
And the other truly accurate Jesus would have a problem with this, as bombs drop. I might even throw in a Peace sticker, if you don’t mind.

They measure about 3-4″.

$40.00 Add to bag

Hamilton Hat/Beanie – for Art in Your Ear/ITM (Monday) – limited edition
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Don’t throw away your shot! Show your love for the groundbreaking musical, Hamilton, as it takes over the world!

This limited edition beanie is brand new, and would look superfine on your head.  It celebrates the three current Hamilton shows.


$75.00 Add to bag

Art in Your Ear Sticker
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Thank you gift for those who want it and donate $40 or more to the show.

Thank you!

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Melissa Fair’s 2 Fabulous Poems! Download For Art in Your Ear donors
only 10 available
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Truck Driver’s Daughter & Paradise from the Vital Signs Compilation.

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These are exclusive gifts of Art in Your Ear, more Thank You gifts available

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JoEllen Schilke

Thanks so much for listening to Art in Your Ear. This show has been on WMNF in one way or another since the early 80s. The art world has changed so much locally since then.

If you want to be interactive, we have a Facebook page and holla at me if you want me to know about an art event or have a question.

If you tweet or Instagram and want us to see something, please use #AiYE

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