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Thursday July 2, 2015


Meg Lowman is a renowned tree scientist, nicknamed "the real-life Lorax" by National Geographic

Margaret Lowman, leading tree-top biologist, talks about her work and effect of climate change on Florida trees.

Today we have an interview with Margaret ‘Canopy Meg’ Lowman, a globe-trotting conservationist and pioneer in 'tree-top ecology' which utilizes hot air balloons and forest canopy walkways to study the environment of trees. She started the TREE foundation, which helped build the canopy walkways in Myakka River State Park near Sarasota. Lowman is Chief of Science & Sustainability at the California Academy of Sciences. Fullbright Scholar and recipient of numerous academic and scientific awards....

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USF cancels plans for body farm in Lithia

The University of South Florida is no longer considering locating a proposed body farm in Lithia; in a press release Friday afternoon, USF said after a community meeting Thursday night in Lithia many residents objected to what is being called the Facility for Outdoor Experimental Research and Training. The press release says the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office still wants to find a location for a facility to study how bodies decompose when left in the Florida elements.

*here is the te...

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Barack Obama spoke at the University of Tampa in January 2010.

photo by Josh Holton/WMNF News.

Three Americans and one Italian killed by U.S. counterterror actions

The White House announced Thursday that three Americans and an Italian were killed in U.S. counterterrorism actions in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan; in a brief statement President Barack Obama says he takes "full responsibility" for one operation that he says inadvertently killed an American hostage, Warren Weinstein, and an Italian hostage, Giovanni Lo Porto, held by al-Qaida.

The president did not take questions.

A [statement from White House Press Secretary Josh Earn...

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Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor said police responded properly in the raid that killed 29-year-old Jason Westcott

An interview with family of Tampa man killed in police raid over two dollars worth of pot

Today Host Rob Lorei interviews the family of Jason Westcott, a 29-year-old man that was shot and killed during a police raid of his home in Tampa last year. He was previously advised by the same police department to arm himself against a potential intruder after uncovering a potential plot to rob his home. The Tampa Police were led to Westcott by an informant that claim...

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President Obama campaigned for re-election in Ybor City in June 2012.

photo by Kim DeFalco / WMNF News.

Full transcript of presidents remarks in Everglades on climate change

Here is the transcript of the remarks on climate change by President Barack Obama in the Everglades Wednesday, as provided by the White House.


Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release April 22, 2015


The Everglades, Florida

3:16 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody! Please have a seat. It’s good to be back in Florida. So I can’t think of a better ...

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photo by Tampa Bay Muslim Alliance

Islamic Charity event will offer free medical exams, bicycles in West Tampa

Today on Radioactivity we have Hakim Aquil and Dr. Husain Nagamia of the Tampa Bay Muslim Alliance, which is organizing the 18th annual Islamic Charity Festival at Macfarlane Park on Sunday April 26th from 11am-5pm. The festival will offer free medical services, food, clothing, and 2000 bicycles with helmets,lights and locks. Charity in Islam, known as Zakat, is one of the 5 principles considered essential to muslims.

We then get listener responses to...

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Kameel Stanley and Alexandra Zayas, journalists for the Tampa Bay Times

photo by Rob Lorei

Tampa Bay Times reporters discuss profiling of poor, black cyclists by Tampa Police

Today on radioactivity we discuss a Tampa Bay Times report published over the weekend that found Tampa Police disproportionately cite black residents with bicycle violations. Of the 2500 citations issued, 79 percent went to African-Americans, though less than a quarter of the city's population is black. According to the report, police used bicycle stops for minor ...

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Martha Nussbaum at Eckerd College

photo by Samuel Johnson

Is a new religious intolerance is entering into public discourse?

Is a new religious intolerance is entering into public discourse? That was one of themes from renowned professor and philosopher, Martha Nussbaum. She spoke Monday night at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg. Nussbaum makes historical connections to the present some of us might have missed.

Nussbaum is the distinguished service professor of law and ethics at the University of Chicago. From this chair position she also teaches philosophy with a particular interest in ancient Greek and Roman p...

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Police Chief Jane Caster in Sulphur Springs

photo by Samuel Johnson

Tampa neighborhood and police department walk side-by-side in peace march

Escalating violence in some Tampa neighborhoods unite the Tampa police and residents in raising awareness. Saturday afternoon in the Sulphur Springs area roughly 200 plus residents, community leaders, the police chief and even the mayor all gathered to march in solidarity to stop the violence. The community as well as elected officials recognize the importance of bringing attention to the uptick in violent crime as the first part of the remedy.

People who participated in the 6 block trek...

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