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Thursday May 28, 2015

Tampa Pride & Tampa/Florida electoral politics

Our first guest was Carrie West is the director of Tampa Pride 2015. It's the first LGBT event in Tampa in over a decade, and a bit of a milestone considering the hostility of previous measures enacted by the Hillsborough County Commission.

Pat Kemp then joined us. Kemp narrowly lost a bid for Hillsborough County Commission in 2014, and has already announced her candidacy in 2016. We talked about the recent Tampa City Council District 6 race, as well as the 2016 U.S. Senate race.

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Rob Boston, Director of Communications for United Americans for the Separation of Church and State

School voucher tax credit violates separation of church and state, opponents say

The debate over school choice has raged ever since a school voucher program was implement during the Jeb Bush administration in the early 2000's. The program was deemed unconstitutional and struck down by the Florida Supreme Court in 2006. Still, there is the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, which gives tax breaks to those who donate to a private school's scholarship program, which many who oppose the plan say is a roundabout voucher program.

Rob Boston, Director of Communications for Un...

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Alan Peacock, Congressional Liaison for the Florida Association of Letter Carriers

photo by Rob Lorei

Letter Carriers union work to increase vote-by-mail participation

Today we look at efforts to increase vote-by-mail participation in Florida. Two bills moving through the Florida Senate and House aim to encourage remote voting by changing the language from "Absentee voting" to "Vote-by-Mail". Two members of the Florida Association of Letter Carriers, Alan Peacock and Al Freedman, explain that many voters are confused by the term absentee voting and mail voting, thinking they must be absent from their voting county in order to vote by mail. They also talk a...

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photo by Pinterest

The fate of the Dr. Carter G. Woodson Museum takes a possible upturn

The city of Saint Petersburg is poised to buy the Dr. Carter G Woodson African-American museum. This move was announced two weeks ago by Mayor Rick Kriseman and Deputy Mayor Kanika Tomalin during a press conference at the museum's building which is at the center of the dispute. As the dust settles on the city's proposal the museum's administration is reservedly upbeat about the future of the museum's location.

In January The Housing Authority voted to sell the building and told the museum ...

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photo by Kate Bradshaw

The plan to have the US run on renewable energy by 2050, and Frontline looks at the debate over vaccinations.

Today we talk about the plan to have the U.S. run completely on clean energy by 2050. Mark Jacobson is a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University and he believes the country is capable of sustaining an infrastructure based on wind, water, and solar energy in all 50 states. He talks with us about his roadmap to steer the country away from dependence on fossil fuels that contribute pollution and negative health effects. He co-founded [The Solutions Project](thesol...

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photo by Seán Kinane/WMNF News.

Center for Biological Diversity warns of climate crisis effects on Florida wildlife

Jaclyn Lopez a lawyer and Florida Director of the Center for Biological Diversity’s office in St. Petersburg. She was interviewed by WMNF News' Seán Kinane on MidPoint about a range of environmental topics. That includes a possible downlisting of green sea turtles in Florida from endangered to threatened, Florida's endangered corals need a reduction in carbon pollution for recovery and two Florida plants threatened by sea-level rise could be helped through habitat protection. Callers asked ab...

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State and local news discussed on WEDU's Florida This Week

We listen to last Friday's episode of Florida This Week, a politcal analysis and panel discussion show moderated by Radioactivity host Rob Lorei. Topics include possible candidates to run for the Florida senate seat, which is expected to be vacated by Marco Rubio as he pursues the Rupublican nomination for the presidency. We also talk about the growing scrutiny surrounding former FDLE commissioner Gerald Bailey's sudden resignation, the controversial transgender bathroom bill and the guns on ...

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Ozomatli headlined the March and Concert for Fair Food.

photo by Seán Kinane.

In St. Pete Student Farmworker Alliance announces boycott of Wendy's

An alliance between student groups and farmworkers announced this weekend in St. Petersburg they are organizing a boycott against Wendy’s restaurants.

At Saturday’s March and Concert for Fair Food at Vinoy Park the Student/Farmworker Alliance led hundreds in chanting “The burgers may be square but the food ain't fair.”

The Student Farmworker Alliance wants Wendy’s to sign on to the Fair Food Program led by the [Coalition of Immokalee Workers](http://ciw-on...

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Leonel Perez and Joe Parker of the CIW

photo by Rob Lorei

Coalition for Immokalee Workers ramp up for the Fair Food parade and concert in St.Pete

Today Leonel Perez and Joe Parker of Coalition of Immokalee Workers talk about its Fair Food parade and concert, which will take place in St.Petersburg on Saturday starting at noon. The event will celebrate the achievements of CIW's Fair Food Program.The campaign calls for a collaboration between food buyers, distributors and Florida's tomato farm workers to address abuse and exploitation on farms by adhering to a fair food code of conduct. Participating companies also pay an extra penny per ...

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Political Scientist and college professor tackles guns on campus issue

Two gun bills are moving through the state legislature and appear poised to pass. One would allow people who lawfully own a firearm to open carry that weapon with or without a concealed carry permit during the first 48-hours of a mandatory evacuation.

The other measure would allow students and faculty to carry guns on state college campuses.

While both measures are enjoying Republican support in the conservative legislature, there has been huge push back from people favoring what they ...

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