Sensory Event at the Mote Aquarium

The Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium is hosting an event tomorrow for people who have different sensory processing abilities.

Jane Goodall addresses her unwavering optimism about young people, the ongoing chimp study, the “two Janes,” and more, on WMNF’s “Talking Animals”

Dr. Jane Goodall offers her current impressions of young people’s attitudes about animals and the environment, among many other topics, in an interview on WMNF’s “Talking Animals.”
Rabies vaccination

Rabies reported in Pasco County

Pasco County has issued a rabies alert. The rabies alert is in response to a cat that tested positive on Tuesday.

Director of wildlife sanctuary addresses gator attacks and relocating the facility

Amy Kight, executive director of Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, in Jupiter, Florida, discusses the recent deadly alligator attack in Fort Pierce, and their relocation plans.

Founder of Laughing Pig Sanctuary discusses Bartow facility’s history and mission

Annette Wrubleski, president of the Laughing Pig Sanctuary, discussed the refuge she founded in Bartow, Florida providing a permanent home for elderly and abused pigs

Grad student discusses how her research inadvertently yielded results with significant implications for invasive Burmese pythons in south Florida

Kelly Crandall--a graduate student at Southern Illinois University (SIU)--discusses on “Talking Animals” how her research focusing on raccoons and opossums inadvertently yielded results with significant implications about the Burmese python, a rampant invasive species in...

Legendary activist Captain Paul Watson discusses being ousted from his own organization, launching a new one

Captain Paul Watson--a major figure for decades in the realm of animal rights, founding the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 1977, from which he was recently ousted—discusses the new organization he’s launched.

Sustainable Living: State Fairs

Today we talked with several organizations from Florida that will be at the state fair from FEBRUARY 9-20, 2023.
St. Pete Pride 2017 LGBTQ+ pride dog

Tampa & Orlando bars challenge Florida Department of Health over its order against dog-friendly bars

Bars in Tampa and Orlando are challenging the Florida Department of Health over decisions to block dogs from being in the establishments.

Kate Benjamin: expert on designing cat-friendly homes

Kate Benjamin offers expertise on designing stylish, cat-friendly homes--and lives with 13 cats in her two-bedroom condo.

Largo-based lawyer specializes in pet law services

April Goodwin is an attorney and founder of Largo-based The Goodwin Firm, a law firm specializing in pet law services

Elisha Bixler: Bee saving and bee keeping

Elisha Bixler is the owner of How’s Your Day Honey, a live bee relocation and honey business located St Petersburg, Fl.

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