The Tragedy Of Slenderman. A Petition For Climate Protection

Environmental journalist, Robert Hunziker, a frequent contributor to Life Elsewhere shares his opinion on why temperatures across Europe are reaching record highs; why people in Seattle where home air-conditioning is unusual are suffering from extreme heat; how can Florida, already swelteringly hot half of the year, have a heat index that is the highest it… Read more »

“Earth Day”, “Every Day” on Morning Energy

Environmental issues have been a long standing concern for decades. These concerns eventually led to the creation of an an annual Earth Day celebration which has been occurring on April 22nd since 1970. In addition to this annual event, the Earth Day Network works year around to include: exploring the history of Earth Day, learning… Read more »

WaveMakers: Changing Climates with Rep. Kathy Castor

As the world continues to see climate change become a pressing (though controversial) issue, the U.S. has seen Tampa’s own House Representative Kathy Castor take charge in leading the fight. Castor chairs the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, and spoke with WMNF’s WaveMakers this week about the work she’s doing in this field…. Read more »

MidPoint: Winning the Water Wars

For decades, the country (and the Tampa region specifically) has faced a Water War. Debates and fights over who has it, who doesn’t, how we get it, and who pays for it have been a longstanding issue. On MidPoint this week, host Shelley Reback spoke with Mariella Smith, County Commissioner and Vice Chair of Tampa Bay Water board of directors, and George Cassidy, Assistant Administrator of Hillsborough County Public Utilities.

Piney Point panel reveals data on red tide and more

Last March more than 200 million gallons of polluted water were pumped from Piney Point into Tampa Bay. The disaster resulted in red tide algae blooms and communities were exposed to radioactive waste. Phosphogypsum is the radioactive waste from turning phosphate ore into phosphoric acid, used mostly in fertilizers. Piney Point discharged contaminated waste water… Read more »

Part two: exploring the USF Forest Preserve

A student-led activist group, Save the USF Forest Preserve, is trying to protect forever the 118-acres found north of the Tampa campus. Last year’s failed development attempt by the university led some, like environmental biologist Dr. Jeannie Mounger, to seek out long-term land protections. The group hopes to petition the state for what’s known as a… Read more »