Wednesday Traffic Jam says Turn it Up to 11!

Host John Palmer wants you to be a WMNF Amplifier! For $1,000 or more, get this rare Cigar City Hunahpu Day Beer and dbs “Amplifer” EP! Give here or call John at 813-239-9663 and thanks!

Thanks, WMNFLand!

Why do people give to WMNF? Why donate, why volunteer? Why? Well, here are some of the answers given during our Fall Fund Drive: We love everything about WMNF. been wanting to join circle of friends for a long time. Enjoying the freak show in my kitchen, cooking, and sipping wine. Always some great music… Read more »

Sunday Simcha T-shirt

You could double support Sunday Simcha – donate and ask for a this fine t-shirt as a thank you present, and then wear it proudly and tell the world about this great radio show. Please call 813.238.8001 or donate here.  

iPad mini giveaway for pledging! What????

Right now, every person who makes a pledge in WMNF’s Fall Fund drive gets registered for a drawing for one of 4 iPad Minis. If you’ve already pledged during this drive, you’re registered, too. And so are our Circle of Friends members. You don’t have to pledge to register but we hope you will. Get… Read more »

First Ever Indie-FM T-shirt is Here!!

Just in time for the Fall Fund Drive we have a brand new Indie-FM t-shirt available for a $70.00 donation! Show us your support right now at the link below or call 813-238-8001 and say that you want to support Indie-FM! Donate Here!      

WMNF’s Fall Fund Drive is Happening

WMNF traditionally has a fund drive at the beginning of October every year so we can have lots of money to buy Halloween candy and costumes facilitate the rest of our new fiscal year. This year we are celebrating with our community as well. We have a new General Manger, Craig Kopp. We just got a big… Read more »

Next On Life Elsewhere

Next on Life Elsewhere, a special feature on one of the most influential bands to emerge from the late 70’s music scene in London. A band Nirvana and  Soundgarden, amongst many others, cite as a major inspiration for their forays into rock ‘n’ roll. Those two Seattle bands, who emerged out of the Seattle’s “Grunge” scene, were… Read more »