Wednesday Traffic Jam says Turn it Up to 11!

Host John Palmer wants you to be a WMNF Amplifier! For $1,000 or more, get this rare Cigar City Hunahpu Day Beer and dbs “Amplifer” EP! Give here or call John at 813-239-9663 and thanks!

Thanks, WMNFLand!

Why do people give to WMNF? Why donate, why volunteer? Why? Well, here are some of the answers given during our Fall Fund Drive: We love everything about WMNF. been wanting to join circle of friends for a long time. Enjoying the freak show in my kitchen, cooking, and sipping wine. Always some great music… Read more »

Sunday Simcha T-shirt

You could double support Sunday Simcha – donate and ask for a this fine t-shirt as a thank you present, and then wear it proudly and tell the world about this great radio show. Please call 813.238.8001 or donate here.