Giving to WMNF Feels Good: 7 reasons why it feels good to give (to WMNF!)

  1. Giving money to others rather than spending it on themselves makes people feel happier, according to a Harvard Business School study from 2009.
  2. Giving doesn’t sort of make you feel good, it actually causes the release of oxytocin in the body and causes the giver to feel physically and psychically better.
  3. Witnessing or receiving generosity makes people more generous, thus helping more people in the community. Playing it forward totally pays off.
  4. Feeling the positive emotions of gratitude and generosity generate more positive emotions in the giver and the recipient, resulting in better emotional health.
  5. WMNF is a wonderful station that you want to keep around and healthy for a long long time, so you have independent, live, and local music and ideas at your fingertips.
  6. Generous people are treated generously by the people they have helped, and also by others who have witnessed their generosity, which is called reciprocal altruism. 
  7. Giving to WMNF helps decrease the disparity between the haves and the have nots, so we can work to educate and inspire our community to support each other.  I don’t have any study to quote for that, only years of seeing people connect with each other, and help each other, because of WMNF. Please help support this wonderful radio station by donating now. Your tax deductible donation keeps this non-commercial, community powered voice strong.

You can find more information here about the Jackson Browne tickets giveaway. You can donate directly here to all of WMNF, or to a specific show. Thank you so much for your help, and generosity. We have the best listeners in the world!

EoY 2015

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