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Thanks for tuning into Art in Your Ear.

We are a weekly interview program, chatting with local, regional, national, and supersonic creative makers of things and ideas. We have a freeform playlist.
To get in touch, please email [email protected].


Art2Action’s Artistic Director Andrea Assaf and playwright Linda Parris-Bailey will be in to talk about the Veteran Community Open Mic and so much more.

Veteran Community Open Mic - 10th Anniversary!

Past shows:

Dr. Julie Buckner Armstrong & Learning from Birmingham

Happy to welcome Julie back to Art in Your Ear. ‘As goes Birmingham, so the nation goes.’ the Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth told Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Her new book, Learning from Birmingham, explores all the crossroads of history, personal and public; civil rights and alt rights; what we see and what we miss. If you want a preview of what we are going to chat about, here are a few posts she did while she was researching Birmingham.  Holley’s art, Civil Rights Trail, and Bombingham. Julie will be chatting with Eric Deggans at Tombolo Books on Wednesday, September 6. Her birthday!

We also will be speaking with Hillsborough County Commissioner Pat Kemp about the current proposal to reallocate Arts Council funding, possibly defunding a chunk of the arts and artists in the county. There is a petition you can sign, and we are going to find out how people can address this.

In Their Own Words – Group art show at HCC

In Their Own Words Greeting Wall at HCC Dale Mabry


Countdown Improv Fest

Kelly Buttermore and Matt Walker will be in to talk about this unusual and fun fest. We will be asking listener suggestions for improv! You can write in at [email protected] or text in to 813.433.0885 xo

Thank you everyone for supporting Art in Your Ear!

Author Mark Leib ~ Image breaker

cover of image breaker book featuring 2 men

What happens when you question every single thing you believe – or don’t believe – in? 

 Parachute Gallery’s Summer School

Smiling drag queen with book and rainbow

Jessica Todd and Victoria Alvarez come in to talk about banned books, drag queens, and pushing back. 

Coming up:  TBA

Tempus Projects’
Like two Sealed copies of Expansions

𝕋𝔼𝕄ℙ𝕌𝕊 ℙℝ𝕆𝕁𝔼ℂ𝕋𝕊 is excited to announce the opening of 𝗟𝗜𝗞𝗘 𝗧𝗪𝗢 𝗦𝗘𝗔𝗟𝗘𝗗 𝗖𝗢𝗣𝗜𝗘𝗦 𝗢𝗙 𝗘𝗫𝗣𝗔𝗡𝗦𝗜𝗢𝗡𝗦, a group exhibition that showcases mixtapes from artists such as Hildebrando Bellizzio, Neil Bender, Ryan Berg, Joe Griffith, Gigi Lage, Jenn Ryann Miller, Justin Myers, Justin Nelson, Ashley Niven, Kym O’Donnell, Anthony Record, Emiliano Settecasi, Ryann Slauson, Brian Taylor, Kay Three, Matthew Drennan Wicks and more.
The exhibition serves as a tribute to the art of mixtapes and their cultural significance. The artists have created a series of works that delve into the mixtape as an object and an analog format for sharing music and self-expression. The exhibit highlights various mixtape components such as the cassette, jcard, case, and curated playlist.

American stage’s Disgraced

5 cast members of Disgraced at American Stage

Cast of Disgraced, now at American Stage L-R: Liam MacDougall- Isaac Ahsan Ali- Amir Natasha Hakata – Jory Shivam Patel – Abe/ Amir Madeleine Russell – Emily, plus director Sharifa Yasmin joined the conversation.

Rico Gatson: Visible Time at USFCAM

art showing an icon with black radiant lines

Artwork by Rico Gatson

Rico Gatson is a multimedia visual artist whose work explores themes of history, identity, popular culture, and spirituality, through sculpture, painting, video, and public projects. In late May, Gatson will transform the walls of the USF Contemporary Art Museum with a kaleidoscopic, life-size image of Zora Neale Hurston—author, anthropologist, filmmaker, and former Florida resident—while exhibiting important paintings and works on paper, as well as a mini-survey of videos from 2001 to the present. Rico Gatson: Visible Time is curated by Christian Viveros-Fauné, CAM Curator-at-Large and organized by the USF Contemporary Art Museum.

Leslie, Christian, and Rico in WMNF's studio

Leslie, Christian, and Rico in Studio 1.

Jobsite Theater’s ALICE


 Lab Theater Project

Owen Robertson comes in for LAB Theater Project. They are focused on bringing new artists – from playwrights to actors to directors to designers – into theater, keeping the theater community vibrant. 

Owen and Maurice, 2 men in the wmnf studio

Owen Robertson & Maurice Parker of LAB Theater Project

Jakob Nordstrom and Epimetheus, and Brooke West as Eliora. Photo by Paula Brito for use by LAB Theater Project..

Maurice Parker as Ethon, and Christopher Rushing as Prometheus. Photo by Paula Brito for use by LAB Theater Project.





Shrimpfinity! At fairgrounds created by
the Milagros collective

We will be chatting with artists Felici Asteinza and Joey Fillastre  of the Milagros Collective. They create immersive art among many other things, and have built Shrimpfinity at the Fairgrounds

Tampa Fringe Fest – May 10-14

Rosemary Orlando for Stageworks theater’s Talking with… 

4/7 Kirk Ke Wang ~ Snow in September
at HCC Galleries, Dale Mabry Campus

Coming up: 

March 24 ~ Reclaiming Home: Contemporary Seminole Art at The Ringling with artist Corinne Zepeda.

Alyssa Osceola (Seminole, b. 2001), Carolyn (detail), 2022. Oil on wood panel

Alyssa Osceola (Seminole, b. 2001), Carolyn (detail), 2022. Oil on wood panel








March 17 – Jobsite Theater’s Summer BohnenKamp & David Jenkins in for MISERY.

Summer Bohnenkamp & David Jenkins from Jobsite Theater's Misery in the WMNF studio.

Summer Bohnenkamp & David Jenkins from Jobsite Theater’s Misery.

Summer Bohnenkamp & David Jenkins from Jobsite Theater's Misery in the studio making faces.

Summer Bohnenkamp & David Jenkins from Jobsite Theater’s Misery in the studio making faces.

March 10 ~ CampGround & SpaceStPete

Double awesome show! First, Eunmi Ko of Camp/Contemporary Art Music Project, and Paula Nunez from the Tampa City Ballet will talk about Campground, composing, choreographing, dancing, moving, all of it! 

Then Chad Mize will dial in from spacestpete, which gathers together dozens of killer artists in an undone space. Lots of excitement about this!

March 3 ~ Photographer Águeda Sanfiz: The Other Pandemic


Vintage world liquors sign

Photo by JES

february 17 ~ St Pete Month of Photography ~ with Clara ten Berge and Marieke Van Der Krabben

Marieke and Clara sitting in WMNF's broadcast studio 1.

Marieke van der Krabben & Clara ten Berge for St. Pete Month of Photography. They were so nice about me butchering their names!











February 10 ~ Dr. Angelo Spoto and Stephanie Crank of the C.G. Jung Library of Tampa Bay

Angelo Spoto and Stephanie Crank of the CG Jung Library


February 3 ~ This Is Our Youth  at Studio Grand Central

january 27 ~ Tampa Repertory Theatre production of The Elephant Man

Directed by Emilia Sargent, featuring Paul Potenza, Christopher Marshall, and Georgia Mallory Guy.

Emilian and Georgia sitting in the WMNF Studio

Emilia Sargent (Director) and Georgia Mallory Guy (Mrs. Kendal) chatting in studio about Tampa Rep’s The Elephant Man.

Hamlet at Jobsite Theater

Hunters Point by Peter Kageyama 

Today’s guest is author Peter Kageyama. His first novel, Hunters Point, is being released 1/17. It’s not his first book by far. Known locally and nationally for his books about cities, he wrote Hunters Point during the pandemic. 

Hunters Point wraps together many threads. It’s a thriller with a Nisei (二世) or second generation Japanese American detective, and all that entails. It’s an environmental mystery, a look at San Francisco nearing the end of the Eisenhower era, as the beats and the mafia shape the city. It’s a fun read. 

Peter has a few readings coming up. 

Edward Hopper and Guy Pène du Bois Paint Modern American Life at the Polk Museum of Art 

Guy Pène du Bois ~ Looking North from 20 W 10th, ca. 1939-1953

Guy Pène du Bois ~ Enjoying the Show (Mural for The Jumble Shop), 1934

(Not in the show, but so you can see the contrast)

House by the Railroad ~ Edward Hopper 1925 
(not in the show, but so you can see the contrast)



“Creating an exhibition featuring the works of Hopper and Pène du Bois has long been a dream for the museum, and we are thrilled finally to unveil this exceptional exhibition, four years in the making, to our community,” said Dr. H. Alexander Rich, executive director and chief curator of the Polk Museum of Art. “Hopper and Pène du Bois were among the most respected names in American art of the last century, and, while Hopper remains far better known to the public today, our exhibition brings both artists importantly to the fore, looking at their work, lives, and careers in tandem.”


Entrance to The Shape of Dreams at the Dali

The Shape of dreams At the Dali

Tune in for a conversation with Dali Executive Director Dr. Hank Hines about the new intriguing exhibition at the Dali Museum, The Shape of Dreams. It explores through art the concepts of dreams through time and place, spanning centuries, and ending with cutting edge AI art making everyone can play with. 

panaramic photo of Shape of Dreams exhibit

Shape of Dreams exhibit


Thank you!

Past Program! ~ St Pete History Museum 

Executive Director Rui Farias chatted about the many exciting things going on for St. Pete’s very own history museum, celebrating it’s 100th birthday this year. SPHM will be not only archiving life in St Pete but will be archiving its art history as well. It really is the party museum of St. Pete, and its expansion will include a giant art installation by Ya La’Ford. They have a fundraiser at the Shuffleboard Courts on September 24th too. 

Past shows!

We played a bunch of music for you! Also chatted with Jennifer Meksraitis about art donations to the Equality Florida gala. If you are interested, please email [email protected].

Gio Swaby @ MFA St. Pete

We chatted with artist Gio Swaby about her show at the MFA, the joy and pain within the show, and how Fresh Up is a fantastic complement. “Swaby’s work is anchored in a desire to present and celebrate the complex personalities of the sitters. Interested in restorative forms of resistance, she has stated, My work operates in the context of understanding love as liberation, a healing, and restorative force. These pieces celebrate personal style, strength, beauty, individuality, and imperfections.”  

American Stage’s The Dutchman

Tune in for the discussion about this powerful and disturbing play.  

May be an image of 7 people, people standing and indoor

Earlier this month

Chatted with Susan Gore of the LGBTQ Resource Center about their new international survey of art opening next week. ArtOut: Queering the Pandemic has both digital and analog presences. What a range of art! There will be a great discussion on 6/4 at the Gulfport Library, SPEAK OUT, exploring identity and art. The library is at 5501 28th Ave S. xo 

Conor Collins - Artwork - Conor Collins.jpeg

Losing All Control
Conor Collins


Wordier than Thou has everything piled into this week! The Tampa Bay Publishing Conference is this Friday and Saturday. Out of the Pages, a family reading event with drag performers on Sunday, and Welcome to DRAGWARTS 2, yes a Harry Potter Drag & Burlesque show, is Thursday night.  Tiffany Razzano, founder of WTT, will chat with us about why all of this is needed and fun and how much we just love writing. 

screenshot of event page

Last week…

2 monitors with animation art playing, stacked on painted chairs

We chatted with artist Lucia Riffel about her solo animation/digital art show opening up at Tempus Projects, The Eternal Present. Tracy Midulla of Tempus and Chrissy Brimmage from Dashboard joined the conversation. 


American Stage’s Footloose 

Past Shows

Maureen McDole chatted about all of the wonderful stuff happening at the returning Sun Lit Festival. A whole weekend focused on reading and writing!


Artist Janet Echelman is in town to jury the Gasparilla Art Festival. She will be chatting about Bending Arc, her sculpture at St. Pete’s Pier. Last night she adjusted the colors to honor Ukraine. 


last Week!

Sculpture of American Indian faces by Adam Fortunate Eagle

Death Song at Wounded Knee by Adam Fortunate Eagle

Activist/Author/Artist Adam Fortunate Eagle and Curator Emily Kapes of the James Museum will chat about their amazing exhibit, Away From Home: American Indian Boarding School Stories















Last Friday:


American Stage is coming in with their amazing play, School Girls, or the African Mean Girls Play


Suzanne Williamson & Robin O’Dell chat about the stunning new show of Suzanne’s work at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

 Sunshift , 2019  Emilio I haven't Seen You Since the Eclipse , 2019
































Bosco Sodi & Sarah Howard from USF CAM with BÁSICO 

Bosco Sodi in studio in front of art work


Emilia Sargent of Tampa Repertory Theater and Georgia Mallory Guy of ThinkTank TYA chatted with us about their unusual and super smart collaboration, taking place at Stageworks Theater November 19-December 19. They have two shows in repertory, which means they switch back and forth. They’re sharing sets, and even some actors. The shows are The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime and The Giver, both based on novels, and both smart shows for young people and up. Listen back on our fancy player to the right!

Every Brilliant Thing The Giver-artwork-FINAL-titleonly.jpg


May be an image of 1 person

Natty Moss Bond gives us a Day of the Dead celebration at SHAMc!

She will have her ceramics there for the first time!




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Blue skull by Natty Moss Bond

Blue skull by Natty Moss Bond ($100 pledge thank you gift)

Green skull by Marianne Wysocki

Green skull by Marianne Wysocki ($100 pledge thank you gift)

Pink skull by Marianne Wysocki

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Green skull by Jennifer Kosharek

Green skull by Jennifer Kosharek Thank you gift for $100 donation


This week’s show is shine shine shine











We will be chatting with Ya La’ford and Chad Mize, as they bring new elements to Shine. Chad has an opening at Mize Gallery Friday night. There will be a big reveal of Ya’s piece on Saturday night.

Last Week

Cover of Becoming Flo book by Deb Carson

We chatted with Deb Carson about her new book, Becoming Flo, a Mostly True Story.







Past shows! 

Tempus Projects flyer

Tempus Projects


Andrea Assaf always does fantastic work that is thoughtful and stays with you. We talked about her work, Eleven Reflections on September; the new award winning digital film version; the return of the Veterans Open Poetry Mic; and Eleven Reflections on the Nation. 

8/27/21 show

We chatted with Carrie Boucher, mainly about the many programs and the absolute GLORY of Nomad Art Bus, but also about Spacecraft and its residency in Walter Fuller Park.

man helping two kids paint Nomad Art Bus

Painting Nomad Art Bus

Girl participating at Spacecraft

Making art at Spacecraft

There are two large art projects getting ready to open on both sides of Tampa Bay.

Fairgrounds in St. Pete and Crab Devil in Tampa. Fascinating that the timing and culture is blooming these at the same time. Here are their introductory videos. 

First, Fairgrounds

Now Crab Devil

(in love with this song!)

We announced that Spacecraft was making and playing in a park;
There is a real VIBE at Mize Gallery; 
And Tampa Museum of Art has a ton of sweet shows right now.

Last week:

Green Book of Tampa Bay Group Art Exhibit

Joining us are
Joshua Bean, co-founder of The Green Book Tampa Bay
Lauren Gay, travel writer/photographer
Fabstraq (Shawn Rainey), abstract artist and activist.

From The Studio @ 620’s site:

The Green Book of Tampa Bay is a Black-owned business directory that serves Pinellas and Hillsborough county. We help people who are concerned with inequity in their community be intentional with how they spend their dollars. Along with promoting Black-owned businesses, the directory promotes Black artists as well as historical and cultural sites.


Below is Blueprint to Forever, by Fabstraq

We are going to have a massive conversation about finding pathways through art, transforming places, how things get done. You know, the stuff at the intersection of our lives.

Last Week…

Bridget Bean & James Rayfield crash the titanic once again at the Tampa Fringe Festival!

Art in YOUR Ear Raised $1,800 on our way to $2,000! 
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Feel free to kick in towards that last $200 pretty please. xoxoxo

Last week’s show featured Mark Mothersbaugh, Beatie Wolfe, and Jade Dellinger with…

May be a cartoon of 2 people and text that says 'POSTCARDS for DEMOCRACY MAKE POSTCARD ART BUY STAMPS WADA MailIT Mark MOTHERSBAUGH & Beatie WOLFE May 17 -August 8, 2021 An exhibition at the BOB RAUSCHENBERG GALLERYa FSW S'

Why yes, artists and musicians can save democracy!

Here’s a peek at our new shirt designed by Ya La’ford!

line design inspired by the ocean

Ya La’Ford WMNF Summer shirt

We did a soundtrack inspired by Summer of Soul!

This is lovely


ROOT’D – New Roots Arts Collective

Talking about their show at Gallery 221 at HCC

Group shot of Root'd art show

Root’d at Gallery 221

Root'd at Gallery 221

Root’d at Gallery 221

Root'd at Gallery 221

Root’d at Gallery 221


2 paintings by Briauna Walker

Work by Briauna Walker

Painting of a woman by Briauna Walker

Work by Briauna Walker


2 paintings by Ron Simmons

Paintings by Ron Simmons





2 paintings by Ron Simmons

Paintings by Ron Simmons






The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts,
For the Love of Photography roundtable preview.

Agueda Sanfiz, Captureology Two

We will be chatting with photographer Agueda Sanfiz and Zora Carrier, Director of the FMoPA.

Thank you, Todd Bates, for designing our new shirt!

A couple weeks ago we chatted with Neil & Gianna Gobioff about the ARTIST RELIEF FUND & ARTSPACE!


YOU Are wonderful glorious mesmerizing heoroes!!!! I love you!!!!!

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A few weeks ago…

Producer Lea Umburger and Writer/Director John Alexander with their new documentary about Sharon Preston-Folta, Louis Armstrong’s secret child.





And here is a lovely photo by the legendary Clyde Butcher

Via Escencia, Clyde Butcher


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