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    Survey of the local arts scene with JoEllen Schilke.

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Thanks to everyone who donated $$$ to AiYE today!! We Made our Goal because YOU are wondermous.

All LOVE related music today, from Too Hell With Love  to La Vie en Rose.
Please listen back if you would like a nice soundtrack. 

We chatted with folks from the Fresh Fest – a mural fest in Tampa – on last week’s program. 

Fresh Fest 2020

And here is a lovely photo by the legendary Clyde Butcher

Via Escencia, Clyde Butcher


A good resource for y’all –  Artists!

These come from the original SKYWAY exhibits.
There will be another in 2020! Here is a link to one of the calls for art. 


Thank You Gifts available from Art in Your Ear
You are lovely ~ art work by Jen Renninger ~ for Art in Your Ear
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You really are lovely for supporting Art in Your Ear. This piece of work reminds you, or the person who gets it, how truly lovely they are.

It measures about 8″x10″. Unframed. And it warms the cockles of my heart.

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Day Dreamer desk sign for Art in Your Ear
only 3 available
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It’s true, isn’t it. We all have dreams, and sometimes when we are sitting at our desk we have to pretend we aren’t thinking about [ fill in the blank ].

It’s okay! Put this on your desk, or next to your bed, or anywhere, and you won’t have to pretend anymore! Or maybe there is a day dreamer in your life who needs it…

Thank you from WMNF & Art in Your Ear & the Hostess Who Loves YOU the Mostess! (One per pledge please.) (Say that fast!) Plus we throw in an Art in Your Ear sticker. 

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Art in Your Ear Sticker
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Thank you gift for those who want it and donate $40 or more to the show.

Thank you!

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Melissa Fair’s 2 Fabulous Poems! Download For Art in Your Ear donors
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Truck Driver’s Daughter & Paradise from the Vital Signs Compilation.

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These are exclusive gifts of Art in Your Ear, more Thank You gifts available

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JoEllen Schilke

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Thanks so much for listening to Art in Your Ear. This show has been on WMNF in one way or another since the early 80s. The art world has changed so much locally since then.

If you want to be interactive, we have a Facebook page and holla at me if you want me to know about an art event or have a question.

If you tweet or Instagram and want us to see something, please use #AiYE