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This Friday (10/3)!!! – Replayed without interuption on 10/11 xoxox

The legendary Clyde Butcher joins us to talk about his show at HCC Ybor and his new book of photographs of Cuba.

We still need some $$ for the Fall Fund Drive, so please consider supporting the only weekly arts talk on the air in the Tampa Bay area. Donate what you can, and help us get to our $2,400 goal! You can give in the tip jar just over there -> (thank you xoxoxoxo!)

Salto el Racio, Clyde Butcher

Via Escencia, Clyde Butcher


For the fund drive, we have these fun skulls. They light up!

Skulls for the fun AiYE supporter! 

This Past Friday:

We had info about the performing arts college fair being held at the Straz Center on Sunday, September 29. If you want to call for info, the number is 813.222.1040.
THEN we got to chat with Lillian Dunlap and Jaye Sheldon, founders of Your Real Stories. Their story telling festival, Story Days Tampa Bay, is October 7-19, and sounds absolutely fantastic. Listen to the interview if you didn’t get to, it will inspire you. 

There is a PBS documentary airing on 10/2 called Octopus: Making Contact and since I love love love all things octopus and you, here is a short video of an octopus dreaming.

Earlier this month


Robert Lazzarini’s work at USF Cam

No photo description available.

Rodgrigo Valenzuela’s work at USF CAM

Eyecandy anyone?

A sweet little video from our interview about Life After Life:


A good resource for y’all –  Artists!

These come from the original SKYWAY exhibits.
There will be another in 2020! Here is a link to one of the calls for art. 


Thank You Gifts available from Art in Your Ear
Light-up Roses Day of the Dead Skull for Art in Your Ear, by Paul Smith
only 1 available
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Love love love the skulls series. Artist Paul Smith made this fantastic skull, inspired by trips to Mexico. Stands about 7″ tall and 5.5″ at its widest. GORGEOUS 

$100.00Add to bag

Light-up Silver Skull for Art in Your Ear
only 1 available
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Love love love the skulls series. This one is shiny silver with dots, and lights up! Stands about 5″ tall and is 4″ wide. Hand painted by the hostess who loves you the mostess. 

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Light-up Red Skull for Art in Your Ear
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Love love love the skulls series. This one is red with dots, and lights up! Stands about 5″ tall and is 4″ wide. Hand painted by the hostess who loves you the mostess. 

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Melissa Fair Free Range creature for Art in Your Ear
only 1 available
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Thank you so much for supporting Art in Your Ear & WMNF!

It isn’t exactly a doll, but you can fall in love with it the same way. It isn’t exactly a sculpture, almost too alive for that. But it is fantastic. Melissa Fair (you know her from her poems, Truck Driver’s Daughter & Paradise) sells these creatures all over, and they have been featured in major art publications. Free Range stands about 8″ tall, and weighs ounces. I love her. You will too.


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Art/Work – Everything You Need to Know…Art Career (for Art in Your Ear)
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The definitive, must-have guide to pursuing an art career—the fully revised and updated edition of Art/Work, now in its fourteenth printing, shares the tools artists of all levels need to make it in this highly competitive field.

Originally published in 2009, Art/Work was the first practical guide to address how artists can navigate the crucial business and legal aspects of a fine art career. But the rules have changed since then, due to the proliferation of social media, increasing sophistication of online platforms, and ever more affordable digital technology. Artists have never had to work so hard to distinguish themselves—including by making savvy decisions and forging their own paths. Now Heather Bhandari, with over fifteen years of experience as a director of the popular Chelsea gallery Mixed Greens, and Jonathan Melber, a former arts/entertainment lawyer and director of an art e-commerce startup, advise a new generation of artists on how to make it in the art world.

In this revised and  2017 updated edition, Bhandari and Melber show artists how to tackle a host of new challenges. How do you diversify income streams to sustain a healthy art practice? How can you find an alternative to the gallery system? How do you review a license agreement? What are digital marketing best practices? Also included are new quotes from over thirty arts professionals, updated commission legal templates, organizational tips, tax information, and advice for artists who don’t make objects. An important resource for gallerists, dealers, art consultants, artist-oriented organizations, and artists alike, Art/Work is the resource that all creative entrepreneurs in the art world turn to for advice.

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Extraordinary Interpretations ~ book on Florida Self-Taught Artists for Art in Your Ear
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This is a gorgeous book, diving into some of the talent in our state. Here’s the info:

“A visual feast. Like the Highwaymen, Barnhill created his own version of the landscape, based on the real environment yet in a fantastic otherworldly palette.”–Rick Kilby, author of Finding the Fountain of Youth: Ponce de León and Florida’s Magical Waters

“These dramatic hand-painted photographs capture old Florida with color and light.”–Lu Vickers, coauthor of Remembering Paradise Park: Tourism and Segregation at Silver Springs

“Takes us on a historical voyage while we visit Florida landscapes as seen through Barnhill’s lens.”–Larry Roberts, author of Florida’s Golden Age of Souvenirs, 1890-1930

In the age of railroads and steamships, of frontier Florida and the tourism boom of the early 1900s, photographer E. G. Barnhill set up shop in the young city of St. Petersburg. He pioneered a popular new type of tourist art, colorizing black-and-white snapshots taken by himself and his customers. He sold many of his hand-colored photographs as postcards or home décor.

Barnhill applied watercolors to black-and-white prints according to his own sense of light and palette and his interpretation of consumer demand. Visitors wanted one-of-a-kind works of art to help them remember the experience of Florida. Unlike other colorists of the time whose landscapes were airbrushed to appear dreamy and ethereal, Barnhill captured the state’s clear, brisk colors with richness and intensity. He pushed aside conventions by using matte instead of glossy print paper to soak up colors better, and with radical experiments in gold toning and uranium dyes, which created unearthly hues.

Filled with vibrant images of Barnhill’s unique creations, precursors to the popular landscape art of the Highwaymen and others, this book showcases a little-known artist whose inventive techniques–particularly his uranium-dye coloring–merit a place in the story of American photography. A fascinating mix of photographic realism and individual artistic vision, his work reveals both the Florida that was and the Florida that tourists wanted to believe in.

Gary Monroe, professor of fine arts and photography at Daytona State College, is the author of numerous books, including Mary Ann Carroll: First Lady of the Highwaymen, Silver Springs: The Underwater Photography of Bruce Mozert, and The Highwaymen: Florida’s African-American Landscape Painters.

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You are lovely ~ art work by Jen Renninger ~ for Art in Your Ear
only 1 available
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You really are lovely for supporting Art in Your Ear. This piece of work reminds you, or the person who gets it, how truly lovely they are.

It measures about 8″x10″. Unframed. And it warms the cockles of my heart.

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Listen goodie bag for Art in Your Ear
only 3 available
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STOP it, this is such a cute bag. You get a listen bag, with a red WMNF Koozie, a WMNF tattoo, a pin from artist Jennifer Kosharek, and lots of JoEllen’s love. And whatever else I find to throw in there. xoxoxo

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Daddy Kool Records Gift Certificate – Art in Your Ear
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Pledge $80 for $25 Daddy Kool Records Gift Certificate.  Daddy Kool’s new location is
2430 Terminal Drive S. Side B | St Petersburg.

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Day Dreamer desk sign for Art in Your Ear
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It’s true, isn’t it. We all have dreams, and sometimes when we are sitting at our desk we have to pretend we aren’t thinking about [ fill in the blank ].

It’s okay! Put this on your desk, or next to your bed, or anywhere, and you won’t have to pretend anymore! Or maybe there is a day dreamer in your life who needs it…

Thank you from WMNF & Art in Your Ear & the Hostess Who Loves YOU the Mostess! (One per pledge please.) (Say that fast!) Plus we throw in an Art in Your Ear sticker. 

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Pair of Andy Nukes Stickers for Art in Your Ear
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I love these stickers, and hope you do too. Andy Nukes is a righteous artist who made these and other ones. There is the quite true, and slightly profane, Ten Commandments.
And the other truly accurate Jesus would have a problem with this, as bombs drop. I might even throw in a Peace sticker, if you don’t mind.

They measure about 3-4″.

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Art in Your Ear Sticker
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Thank you gift for those who want it and donate $40 or more to the show.

Thank you!

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Melissa Fair’s 2 Fabulous Poems! Download For Art in Your Ear donors
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Truck Driver’s Daughter & Paradise from the Vital Signs Compilation.

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These are exclusive gifts of Art in Your Ear, more Thank You gifts available

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