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Anni Ellis has been a gardener for 50 years. She started reducing waste 40 and recycling nearly 35 years ago. She has lived and traveled internationally building gardens everywhere along the way. She has been an artist all her life and educated in fine art. These interested were parlayed together 25 years ago into a garden design/ exterior architecture business. She is the owner/ operator of Anni Ellis Garden Design Inc. and encourages sustainable practices for all her clients and associates.
She has lived in her nearly 100 year old Mediterranean home for 25 years and exclusively grows organically. Composting is on site and gardens grow using no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides nor fungicides. Anni also won the 2020 Waterwise award for Hillsborough County
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Nearly all her property holds fruit trees, perennial and annual vegetables filled in with native plants for pollination. The area is also a certified wildlife habitat.
She is past president of the garden club, Rose Circle. Also she continues to work on keeping garden tours and teaching opportunities alive, in person, online and various medias.
“ Being passionate about the environment lifts us all up to a greater good”


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