Derrick S. Roach


Hailing from Suriname, a country on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America, Derrick S Roach, better known as Mr.D.Tunes, is an up-and-coming Christian hip-hop artist with a penchant for writing infectious music and relatable narratives. Inspired greatly by God and the idea of living every single day to its fullest, Mr.D.Tunes embarked on his journey in music to bring love, joy, and hope to people.

Everything changed when he ended up in a hospital, losing his ability to walk due to 8 tumors. Though he beat the odds and regained his ability to walk, he still battles tumors daily. Still, he won’t let that slow him or his mission down. Going through what seems like never-ending waves of adversity and tribulations, Mr.D.Tunes strives to continue living life with fervor and determination.

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