Michael Saint-Louis


DJ Tune Selekta is an integral part of Thee Righteous Temple of Hip Hop. He is a full-blooded Haitian that was born in Miami, FL but raised in Tampa, FL who loves the sound of music. Tune ‘s love for music derived from of his father, who was a drum player and the president of a big carnival band in Haiti that goes by name of “Toro Lakou” (The Bully of The Yard).

Tune’s life has taken a180-degree turn by two events– when he decided to follow Christ and when Tempest from Thee Righteous Temple of Hip-Hop called him. Today Tune is preparing to marry his beautiful friend and fiancée Dieunita Joseph; He’s attending college to pursue an A.S. in Radio/TV broadcasting. He’s now the Co-Host of The Righteous Temple of Hip-Hop, he’s affilated with One Accord DJ Alliance Dj, and also runs his own Mobile DJ company called “Sound Ryte Mobile DJs”.

You might see him in your neighborhood knocking on doors with his Fisherman 5 brothers giving The Good News of Yeshua!!! Wicky Wicky

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