Academic Freedom

New College of Florida

Lawsuit alleges that a new law will censor and prohibit courses and topics at New College of Florida

A group opposing Gov. Ron DeSantis’ efforts to remake New College filed a lawsuit alleging that a new law prohibits several courses & topics.
New College of Florida

New College of Florida, academic freedom and HB 999

A New College of Florida professor talks about changes at New College and bills in the Florida Legislature that impact higher education.
University of South Florida, Tampa

A judge is poised to hear a case on the fight over Florida’s ‘Intellectual Freedom’ law

A federal judge will consider the constitutionality of a Florida law requiring “intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity” surveys on state college campuses.

Faculty want USF President Rhea Law to oppose state legislation sponsored by Florida GOP chair

With all eyes on the University of Florida's struggles with academic freedom, Janet and Shelley host guests, Ray Arsenault president of the Pinellas County Chapter of the ACLU of Florida; Tim Boaz, Faculty Senate President...

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