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At ALEC, Ron DeSantis dismisses faculty turnover at New College of Florida

At an ALEC conference Gov. Ron DeSantis shrugged off reports about high faculty turnover at his remade New College of Florida.
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Florida divests money from BlackRock asset-management firm over ‘ESG’ social responsibility policies

Florida will pull $2 billion from BlackRock asset-management firm over Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ideological differences.

ALEC Gives Governor Rick Scott High Marks for his Handling of Florida’s Budget

By Rob Lorei Florida Governor Rick Scott recently put out a press release last week saying that the American Legislative Exchange Council had given Governor Scott a rating as one of the “best” governor’s in...

2015 ALEC meeting in San Diego will include 7 Florida Lawmakers

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) will be convening in San Diego for their annual meeting this week . ALEC is a non-profit status  organization of conservative lawmakers and corporate lobbyists who get together to draft...

Sarasota artist will hold mock funerals for confederate flags on Memorial Day

Sarasota Artist will symbolically bury confederate flags on Memorial Day

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