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Transgender and nonbinary people sue Florida over its “discriminatory” bathroom law

A federal lawsuit challenges a new Florida law requiring people to use public restrooms that align with their sex assigned at birth.

Florida moves forward with a rule that would discipline transgender university employees for using the bathroom corresponding to their gender identities

Florida's university system Board of Governors on Wednesday took a step in carrying out a controversial new law that includes requiring the designation of restrooms for “exclusive use by females” and “exclusive use by males.”
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Florida officials pass new rule requiring restroom use based on biological sex in state colleges

Florida education officials voted to approve rule requiring students and employees to use bathrooms corresponding to sex assigned at birth.
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Florida is considering a rule that would force state colleges to require restroom use “based on biological sex at birth”

State education officials will weigh approval of a rule that deals with the designation of bathrooms at Florida colleges.
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Ron DeSantis signs five bills that LGBTQ Floridians call a “slate of hate”

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a suite of bills targeting LGBTQ+ Floridians. LGBTQ advocates decry it as a “slate of hate.”
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LISTEN: Florida execution Florida carried out its third execution this year on Wed. 56-year-old Darryl Barwick was put to death by lethal injection at 6 p.m. at Florida State Prison in Starke. Barwick was convicted...
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Florida lawmakers pass a bill forbidding transgender individuals to use their appropriate bathrooms

Florida lawmakers on Wednesday passed a bill aimed at requiring people to use bathrooms that line up with their sex assigned at birth.

Florida legislators support a “Bathroom Bill” as Drag Queens march to the Capitol

A Senate committee approved a proposal to require transgender men and women to use restrooms that line up with their sex assigned at birth, as protesters marched to the Florida Capitol to speak out against...
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Florida bill targeting drag shows heads to Governor Ron DeSantis

The Florida House gave final approval to a controversial bill aimed at preventing children from attending drag shows and 2 other trans-related measures that also drew fierce debate.
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Bills targeting the LGBTQ community are ready for a vote in the Florida House

Listen: On Tuesday, two bills targeting the LGBTQ community were cleared for a vote by the full Florida House. The first bill, referred to as the “bathroom bill,” requires transgender people to use bathrooms that...

Anti-trans bathroom bill advances in state Senate

Listen: A state senate subcommittee advanced a bill that requires transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond to their assigned gender at birth. This bill makes it a crime for transgender adults and a violation...
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Trans rights supporters to protest Sarasota School Board

People in Sarasota supporting the rights of transgender students will rally Tuesday night outside the Sarasota County School Board meeting. Trans students and their allies want changes to the school districts policies on bathrooms and dress...

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