Anti-trans bathroom bill advances in state Senate

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A state senate subcommittee advanced a bill that requires transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond to their assigned gender at birth. This bill makes it a crime for transgender adults and a violation of school code of conduct for transgender minors to use the bathroom matching their gender identity. The sponsor of Senate Bill 1674, Republican senator Erin Grall, also sponsored of the 6-week abortion ban.

“At the end of the day, there are just places where we should be comfortable to do the business that needs to be done in those spaces.” Grall said.

Abdelilah Skhir spoke on behalf of ACLU Florida against the bill.

“Laws to protect the public from violations of privacy and physical harm already exist today. This bill has the sole purpose and impact of targeting transgender people and forcing them to use the bathroom they’re not comfortable in.”

Minority Democratic leader Lauren Book had many concerns about the bill’s enforcement.

“Are we not creating a bathroom patrol where people can stand and create and call law enforcement, creating very dangerous situations for trans individuals?”

The bill was voted favorable and is advancing in the Senate.