Board of County Commissioners

The Scoop: Mon., January 22, 2024 Tampa Bay & Florida headlines by WMNF

Desantis drops out Governor Ron DeSantis has dropped his race for the White House. In a four-minute video posted to the social media platform X, DeSantis says he halted his campaign because there was no...

MidPoint: Why Can’t We Have Nice Things v.2.0 Hillsborough Affordable Housing Trust in Danger

Hillsborough County's affordable housing trust fund is in danger of being defunded in the current budget, in favor of more money for road repairs, sports complexes and jail renovations.

MidPoint: Why Can’t We Have Nice Things? Hillsborough Arts Funding In Danger

My guests on MidPoint today, former Hillsborough Co. Comm’r Mariella Smith, Hillsborough Co. Arts Council Board Chair Theron Butler, and former Hillsborough Arts Council Program Dir. Jenny Carey explained why the arts are a driver...
wakulla springs

Locals, environmentalists prepare to defend Wakulla Springs ahead of upcoming meeting

Environmental advocates and Wakulla County residents are protesting proposed changes that may threaten a state attraction.

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