Citrus growers Florida


Tourists will continue to get a taste of Florida through welcome center OJ

Free orange juice will continue to flow at Florida interstate welcome centers despite budget cuts.

Florida’s citrus forecast takes a hit

A report estimates that Florida growers will produce 18.8 million 90-pound boxes of oranges and 2 million boxes of grapefruit this season.

In Florida harvest most farmworkers will be migrants

In Florida, peak harvest season for many of the state’s most important fruits and vegetables is approaching — during the fall, winter and spring; that means a spike in demand for seasonal farmworkers. Many of...

Polk County citrus farmer cautiously optimistic about Oriental fruit fly

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam said in a news release Tuesday there is an Oriental fruit fly infestation in Miami-Dade County. Officials have declared a state of emergency because the fly could potentially attack hundreds...

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