Clam Bayou

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Wastewater discharged into Tampa Bay and other Pinellas waters

Because of flooding from Tropical Storm Colin this week several cities in Pinellas County urged residents to stop using the sewer systems and had to release partially treated wastewater into the open water. Beginning at...
Karl Nurse.

St. Pete plans to upgrade sewer infrastructure

In a newspaper column Wednesday, St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Krisemen wrote he is recommending to City Council using money from the BP disaster settlement on storm resiliency and sustainability. That’s after the city dumped fifteen million...
Clam Bayou. WMNF

Gulfport still vexed by pollution released by St. Pete

A month ago heavy rains led St. Petersburg to dump millions of gallons of untreated sewage mixed with stormwater into Clam Bayou. That’s an estuary shared by the city, state and the neighboring city of...

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